Apps Like Triller - How to build app like triller

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By: Sagar Sharma

Apps Like Triller - How to build app like triller

Triller is an exciting entertaining app that helps you create high-quality short videos just like Tiktok and other similar apps popular among the users across the globe. However, the unique features, easy to use UI, and several other things make the Triller like apps a better option to go with.

Here’s all that you want to know about the app, and the brief overview for the developers so that they can build an exciting app that can be treated as the Triller alternative.

So, let’s get started.

What is The Triller App?

Before jumping to the details like what are the alternatives of the Triller app and how you can build one, let’s have a deeper look at what the app is all about. Triller is a music editing app that lets the users make fun videos with lots of filters and editing features that provide them complete control over the content. So, if you are looking for a perfect creative way to introduce yourself to the public and gain popularity, Triller can be an excellent option for you to go with.

Triller is a US-based app that is perfectly safe and easy to use, unlike many other Triller like apps for the mobile platform. The popularity and reliability of the Triller app can be seen by the app’s rating and downloads on both mobile platforms. Triller has an overall 4.7 rating on the Apple store and 3.8 on the Google play store.

So, regardless of the platform, you are in, you won’t find Triller a dull app to try hands-on.

Interesting Stats Of Triller Mobile Application

Triller is one of the popular mobile applications which allows its users to create professional-looking videos at free of cost by using its AI features. Take a look over some of the interesting stats of Triller app.

  • Triller gained organic growth solely with more than 75 million downloads
  • Triller has more than 26.5 million active users monthly
  • By Average Triller user spends 20 minutes daily
  • Users can stream their music video via Triller even they exit the app

Through the app, you can easily make new music videos, edit them by using amazing new features, and do a lot more other entertaining things to kill your spare time.

In other words, if you are after a good quality safe app for yourself that doesn’t leak your information and offers you the outstanding features, Triller would be an excellent app for you.

Apps Like Triller Alternatives to Must Know

Now, once you are aware of what the Triller app is for, let’s talk about the popular Triller alternatives that you can try on. Though with an ever-growing AppStore for mobile platforms (both Android and iOS), the number of Triller alternatives can be huge.

However, to provide the readers with the most legit information possible, we have shortlisted ten most reliable apps that you can blindly rely on for the quality and overall experience. So, if for any reason, you are searching for a Trillian alternative, this section will help you find an excellent app that won’t let you miss Triller much.

1. Tiktok

Apps Like Triller - TikTok

The first one on our list that somehow is a competitor of Triller is Tiktok. Tiktok has recently gained popularity among the users. With numerous filters, easy to use UI and extremely stable performance, Tiktok is worth considering an app for the entertainment lovers. Apart from the filters, Tiktok is also loaded with unique video editing features that make it an excellent app for fun lovers.

2. Dubsmash

Apps Like Triller - Dubsmash

Dubsmash is another popular app for entertainers. The app has been in the market for quite a long time now. This is one of the oldest and most popular apps available on mobile platforms and is one-of-a-kind for features and safety it provides to the users.

Easy to use interface, better handling, and faster updates make Dubsmash a great app for the users. Also, the unique design algorithm of the app makes it work like a charm in older smartphones too where most of the other modern apps fail to perform.

3. Vigo

Vigo is another breathtaking app that is gaining enormous popularity among users worldwide. The simple design of the interface and easy to use features make Vigo a worthy app for all. Though the features and filters are not up to the mark and some effects do not properly work as per the expectations, the app is stable enough to be used for long.

So, if you are after a stable Triller alternative that may not have the same functionality and number of features, the Vigo can be a worthy app to consider.

4. Magisto

Apps Like Triller - Magisto

Magisto is another brilliant Triller like app that works extremely well on low-end smartphones. Though you may experience frequent ads while using the app, performance-wise, the app is a worthy choice in comparison with the many other apps that are full of ads and don’t perform well.

In other words, if you can deal with the ads and want to try hands on a decent app with a good amount of filters and after-effects, the Magisto will be a great choice for you.

5. SnapChat

Apps Like Triller - SnapChat

Snapchat is probably the most trusted and popular apps in the industry. With great effects and regular updates for the filters, Snapchat is still an exciting app to try on. Though the app is larger than many other similar apps, the camera quality and filters’ dependency is far better than any other apps for the mobile platform.

So, if you are looking for a perfect alternative to Triller and want to try your hands on the trusted apps, Snapchat is a must-have app for you.

6. Funimate

Apps Like Triller - Funimate

Funimate is for those users who are looking for an app with high-quality filters and outstanding performance. With the pro-level video editing and effects, the Funimate is an excellent choice for the pro-level entertainers who are after a perfect valued app for them.

With the outstanding performance and unique filter library, Funimate is great for animators and creative videographers. Try your hands on it to get more filters and effects that are generally not present in this kind of app.

7. Byte

Apps Links Triller - byte

The byte is a perfect choice for the users who are looking for a simple UI and faster response. Though the number of filters is not up to the mark, for simplicity, the app scores full marks. The perfect UI and stable performance make Byte a worthy alternative of Triller, especially for those who have just started using such apps.

8. Lomotif

Apps Links Triller - Lomotif

Lomotif is an excellent Triller like app for those users who are on the iOS platform. With extremely stable UI and power-packed performance, the Lomotif also offers a good number of filters that are worth considering for every entertainer. The developers recently launched the app for the Android platform, but if you are looking to experience the full potential of the app, iOS would be the right platform.

So, whether you are after a good quality music/audio editing app, or are after a great alternative to Triller, Lomotif will be a great choice for you.

9. Video Star

Apps Like Triller - Video Star

Video Star has gained its popularity as a music and video editing app where you can find many features with great potential and they are all extremely easy to master. The excellent performance with little lags on animating the videos, Video Star is a decent app for the users who are looking for a simple app with lots of unique animations and filters.

In other words, the users who are looking for an alternative to Triller app with a great list of features and animations, Video Star can be an excellent app to go for.

10. KWAI

Apps Like Triller - KWAI

Developed by Japanese developers, KWAI is an excellent choice for the animators. The video editing with numerous unique filters and animations along with all popular emojis make KWAI a great alternative to Triller. Besides, the extremely reliable performance of the app makes it one of the most reliable apps in the industry for creative video editors.

So, if you were looking for a perfect Triller like an app, and want to try your hands on the best apps in the industry, the above-listed ten apps can be great for you to consider. Try your hands on them and find the most suitable one as per your needs.

Features that make Triller an outstanding app for entertainers

Talking about the main reason behind the enormous popularity of Triller app, it is none other than the feature-list. Apart from providing the users with the basic video editing features, Triller also provides them with numerous high-quality unique features that make it a worth considering an app for the entertainers.

In this section, we are going to talk about five such entertaining and useful features that made the Triller one of the best apps of its kind.

Over 100 filters that work like a charm

The first thing that makes the Triller a great app to try is the huge number of filters and animations. Unlike many other apps that work on the small alterations of a few dozen filters, Triller has over 100 filters that make it an ideal choice for the users who love entertainment and video editing.

Additionally, you get a video crop option to have more control over the content. So, if you are after the number of filters and usability, there won’t be a better choice than Triller.

Shares videos to the different social media platforms

Unlike other apps popular among the users, Triller provides users with an option to share the videos directly to their linked social media accounts. This feature helps those users who love sharing their creative videos to social media without wasting too much time on cropping and making them compatible with social media.

Amazing stability

Another important thing that makes Triller an excellent choice for users is amazing stability. In our review, we haven’t experienced any lag, or crash on our devices.

So, you can easily rely on Triller for better response and performance. Unlike the many other apps available, the Triller doesn’t lag while applying the latest filters, nor it takes ages to load an effect. So, for those users who are after stability and performance, Triller can be a worthy app to go with.

Updated UI and enhanced performance

Unlike Tiktok and other apps in the store, the Triller has more simplified and easy to understand UI. Even if you are using the app for the first time, the self-explanatory features make it an excellent option to go for. So, if you are new to such apps and want to use an easy app, Triller can be an ideal choice for you.

How to make an app like Triller: A brief Guide

Until now, you would have known what the Triller app is, and why you should opt for it. Now, let’s talk about how to create an app like Triller. In this section, we are going to talk about the different aspects that you need to consider while building an app that works similarly to the Triller app and offers the users with similar or better performance.

So, if you are a developer or are jumping into the business of app development, this section can be of extreme importance to you.

Features you need to include to develop an app like Triller

The next big thing that can affect the cost and popularity of your app is the number of features you are providing to your users. The basic features cost you much less and if you are a beginner and are short of funding, launching the app with the basic yet useful features will be the right decision.

Make sure to provide users with stable and high-quality features that are easier to use. With the base features, you can attract the users who are looking for the app with basic features that are lighter in their device and perform well with the low resources. When the app gets popular and you start gaining profit from it, you can work on the features and UI to get more profit.

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Look for an expert development team

To make a useful and feature-rich app that has the potential of becoming popular among the users across the globe, your app must be future-ready. And the best way to do this is to hire an expert development team that can help you get a perfect response from the app.

The expert development team will not only help you get the best in class response from the users, but it will also let your app stand tall in users’ expectations. So, if you are planning to make a worthy a profitable app that can compete with thousands on Triller like app in the market, you should opt for having a better developing team.

Have an eye on what competitors are building

As said, the Triller is a popular app across the platforms. And several apps are somehow similar to Triller and provide the users with a similar experience. And as a business owner, you must keep an eye on all the apps that can come to your competition.

Try to provide users with better updates and features than your competitors and get brilliant feedback.

Get a good customer care service for your app

The way you deal with your users’ feedback plays an important role to build a good-quality app. With a better understanding of the customers’ demand and provide them with the services they want, you will not only improve your app’s quality, but this can also help you gain popularity as a developing team. So, be sure to read the comments and feedback from the users and try to solve the bugs as early as possible.

What features are users looking for from apps like Triller?

IF you are building a Triller like an app, then you should emphasize on a few special features. Triller is a video and music-editing app, which allows the users to share their entertaining videos on the different social media platforms.

So, if you are looking to enter the app development market with a Triller alternative, you must provide users with a great feature set that is exclusive to the app or is still unavailable to the users.

By choosing the right set of features, you can be assured about the success of your app, even though there are numerous other apps for the users to choose from. A few apps feature that you can consider while Triller like app development is discussed below. Go through them once and then make your app’s blueprint.

Secured Login

The first major thing to consider buying any app is security. Considering the recent hacking incident and growing techniques to hack the app’s data, most users are afraid of trying hands-on new apps in the industry.

So, to assure the users the utmost safety, you must choose a secure and visibly safe login algorithm that can help your users feel safe while dealing with your app.

Advanced camera algorithm to capture better and more efficient videos

As a video capturing and editing app, your app must utilize the device’s resources to its best. Nowadays, the smartphone and tablets have a great quality camera that has the potential to record high-res videos.

Use the efficient algorithm to capture the videos at a much smaller size without actually compromising with the video quality. Also, make sure to develop an app that carefully uses the resources and offers the users with excellent quality.

Faster performance

Another important aspect of building apps similar to Triller is the speed. It is extremely important your app loads faster and offers better upload and download speed. You can take the help of numerous libraries to make your apps faster and act more reliably than many other apps available in the market.

No one will appreciate an app that takes ages to load and works hard to load an animation or filter. So, work on the app’s speed and provide your users with a better and faster app that is safe enough to be used even on an old smartphone.

By having the above-listed features and facilities, you can be assured of gaining more popularity than the other fake and data-consuming apps available on mobile platforms.

The estimated cost of development

Out of the many things to consider while building a Triller like an app, is the Triller app development cost. However, the cost of development can vary as per the features and functionality you want to consider and the skillset you are going to hire. An app with basic and simple features can costs you less than the app with advanced features.

The app with basic features costs you around $25, 000. If you want to build an app with innovative features then it can cost you more. Do you want an exact estimation for developing an app like Triller? Ask for a Free Quote.

If you hire a less experienced person for your app development, you need to pay less. But, there are risks of development quality, and time. When you consider experienced developers, they may cost you a bit higher but it ensures you about the app quality and improves time to market your app.

So, it is suggested to hire experienced programmers who can develop and deliver the best app for you.
The main thing to consider here is that in the price quoted here, you will get the basic functionality of the Triller app.

Like the login, sharing, and basic filters. Also, if you are looking to develop an app for both Android and iOS platforms, this cost will rise to $50000. So, be sure to check your needs and targeted audiences.


So, this brief information can help you to build a better app than most of the other apps like Triller. Building a Triller alternative involves three major steps, planning, developing and delivering. So, make sure that you know your limitations and fields where you can improve your app, and believe us; you will end up with the development of an excellent Triller like app for users.

FAQ on Apps Like Triller

1. Is Triller alternative a profitable move?

Triller and similar other apps are gaining enormous popularity among smartphone users. Some use them to show their creativity, and some use these apps just for fun. So, yes, your app can get popular if you make the right steps at the right time.

2. Can we start the app with a limited budget?

Like any other kind of app, the Triller alternatives can also be made with a limited budget. In case you have lesser funds than expectations, we will suggest you go with a base version of the app, and provide the users with the timely updates as you get your funding. By this, you can get a good fan following and users who trust your development team for the better and timely updates

3. Will adding the messaging option to the app be an appreciable move?

Features play a huge role in developing an app. And if you are dealing with the video-sharing app like Triller, the messaging feature will be an appreciable move that is going to be liked by many users. Just make sure to take privacy as your top-priority and your app will get many likes due to this amazing feature.

4. What age group users can access apps like triller?

As far as the ratings provided in Google play store and iOS App Store, Triller app rated suitable for accessing kids with age more than 12. So, you can develop all like Triller and add in-app purchase features along with advertisements accordingly. Apps like triller are safe for teens under the supervision of parents.

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