How to Build A Great Mobile App Development Team?

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By: Sagar Sharma

How to Build A Great Mobile App Development Team? [Points to Consider]

The entire world has transformed adapting to new technologies by using mobile apps. With a skilled mobile app development team, many businesses have seen success. Experts say that a mobile app development company owner need not be a mobile expert. Similarly, other technical groups say that neither the project manager nor the mobile app developers should be an expert handling a mobile app project. All these days we were talking about mobile app development in our blogs, and today, we will talk about how to build a mobile app development team, successfully.

You will know about the positions that generally a mobile app development team has, and the team’s responsibilities and qualities of suitable candidates for those positions along with expectations of capable and skilled employees from the app development company.

In a statistical report released in the year 2019, it has been told that globally, the mobile app revenue is projected to rise up to $582 billion US through downloads and in-app advertising, in the year 2020. Moreover, about 100 million smartphone users will be using voice assistants by 2020, and there are several other predictions about the inclination of mobile app users. Thus, you should understand the future of mobile apps in the world and should enable a proper structure for your mobile app development team. Only if you have a strong team, you can achieve your business goals easily and generate more mobile app developments in the future.

A healthy mobile app development team’s designation structure

A successful mobile app development team should have a visionary or goal towards what to be achieved or what the team will work on, designers, developers, QA testing specialists, and sales and marketing specialists for app promotion. Let us see how and what all these roles play to build a strong mobile app development team.

1. Visionary

Though visionary here means the goal of the project but also refers to position names such as project manager, business consultant, or strategist, who drives the entire project as a key point of contact. A visionary is responsible for leading the entire project to reach the correct vision of achieving the ideal mobile app.

A qualified visionary is also responsible for maintaining the app’s consistency and foresee that it is developed according to the customer’s requirements. A visionary should have a high technical background and stay in line with the proper understanding of business. He/she should be capable of inspiring and motivating team members, managing and leading human resources to get the right candidate. Also, a visionary should take accountability and the ability to multitask as well.

2. Designers

We all may think that designers’ work is so simple than the developers. But in fact, they are the ones who have to go through the project requirement documentation thoroughly and develop navigation mechanics and basic wireframes in the app. Next to this process, the designers work on the user design experience and user design interface, which we technically call as UX/UI for native and hybrid platforms or on a specific platform they design the app. Finally, if you look at who should work in the design team, it is a strategist, navigation planner, visual designer, and a content planner. Most often the design team provides output along with testing.

3. Developers

Developers should have expertise working in any mobile app platform and any supportive and trending programming language for bringing out an effective mobile app. The major role of developers involves processing the completed UI/UX frameworks and incorporating them in a real-time application i.e. either on Android or iOS. The programming languages can be chosen among Java/Kotlin for Android, Objective-C/Swift for iOS, and C# for Windows phone. You also have cross-platform mobile development, which requires different languages–HTML/CSS/JavaScript for PhoneGap and Cordova, C# for Xamarin, and JavaScript for React Native. Besides these skills, developers should have broad thinking of how to develop an app further once it crosses the development stage.

4. Quality Assurance specialists

You may require QA specialists for testing the app, and the feedback they provide is the most important one than any others. They play a vital role in deciding whether a mobile app can go into the market or before it reaches customers. Like how they have the rights for decision making, similarly, they also should provide improvements and how those improvements help the project to move further.

5. Sales and marketing specialists

Although you take many efforts to develop an app and deliver it as a finished product to the market, without sales and marketing, you cannot bring the end product to the limelight. The role of sales and marketing specialists include communicating with customers, promoting the brand image, creating strategies along with advertising materials, which throw some light on the product with customers and convert it into huge profits.

Essential Characteristics for A Mobile App Development Team

1. Skill level proficiency compliance

Extremely high-skilled mobile app developers look for accepting more and more challenging tasks to polish their developing skills forever. When one of the team members is highly-skilled and provides quality work, the developer expects the rest of the team members also to be equally talented. Also, developers expect a qualified project manager to guide them with managing tasks and QA specialists for guiding them with any technical flaws and are professional and co-operative as well.

2. Fixed processes

Despite having formed a complex team structure, a mobile app development team establishes a cordial relationship between its members. It could be from the highest, mid-level, and the low-designated team members. Still an elaborate schedule of every member’s role should be provided and explained; otherwise, no particular team will understand the work involved and contributed by another team. Each team and sub-teams should be made aware of the complete project scale and what role the team members play in it.

3. Mutual respect

Developing a mobile app involves a lump-sum of time and effort by the mobile app development team. Customer’s time should be given priority and the entire team should work towards a deadline. No member of an individual team can take their sweet time to accomplish the task given. There should not be postponement until delivery unless there is a delay from the customer end in terms of approval. Similarly, customers should also understand the time and effort that the development team takes to provide a complete product and should not bring in any condition of speeding up the app development before the deadline provided. Both customers and the mobile app development team should have an understanding of mutual respect.


Mobile app development is a complex process, as it involves numerous skills and multiple stages. The team should be highly experienced and adaptive to any methodology upon changing technology. Hoping this blog was helpful and informative to the mobile app development company to form a successful mobile app development team. We have experts who can provide valuable suggestions for mobile app development and how to choose the best talents for app development. Our customer service representatives are anytime reachable for addressing your queries via phone, e-mail, and chat.

Frequently asked questions

1. What kind of responsibilities can I have in a mobile app development team?

You can assign tasks with regards to product management, agile methodologies and Scrum management, user interface and user experience, app design, content writing, business analysis, communication, QA, and app performance testing. Apart from these, your engineer requires skills such as modern coding languages, cloud infrastructure, cross-platform capabilities, data expertise, integration with cloud-hosted systems, and security.

2. Is team size important in mobile app development?

No, team size does not matter with a mobile app development team. Even small teams with versatile and multiple skill sets can work along to create a mobile app successfully. Make sure that they are not more specialized; otherwise, communication could be a problem. Many companies have seen success starting as a small team and using agile methodologies to break the complexity in the work assigned.

3. How to know if my mobile app development team is skilled enough?

Though technology plays an important role in developing a great mobile app, that is not sufficient to make it successful. If your team is capable enough to deliver the assigned task on time, then they are on track and you need not test their skill efficiency as well. You can sense their efficiency with the results they drive towards product accomplishment.

4. How to hire the best talents for a mobile app development team?

If you can invest enough in human resources, you can hire a human resource manager and delegate hiring responsibilities to the manager by setting your expectations properly and provide a deadline for the same. If not, you can partner with any human resource consultancy who is an expert in hiring for a mobile app development team and go on a commission basis per candidate. You can even offer a better package to a freelancer in the relevant field but with at least 3 to 5 years of experience working as a freelancer.

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