How A Better Product Experience Builds A Brand Experience?

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By: Sagar Sharma

How A Better Product Experience Builds A Brand Experience?

When you make any product of course it should be of your interest and should make you happy in the process of making but the very second thing to know or to keep in mind will be customer satisfaction, their happiness, and their ease of accessibility. And this is where the concept of product experience starts its play.

What is Product Experience? And How Is It Important?

Product information is the journey of the product with the customer, throughout the lifetime of the product. All the motives, emotions, and feelings of the customer regarding the product are called the product experience.

And why is it so important?

Many of us ask this question quite often when new to the business, well no worries I have got you.

It builds a trust bridge between customer and company

If there are two brands in front of you, one with the best ratings and the other one with poor ratings, which one of you would choose for you? It is obviously the one with good reviews.

Exactly, that is the mindset of this generation you see, they keep more of their heart towards positive customer reviews because they know it will bring them good comfort and ease.

Previous good reviews make more sales of other products of the same brand

When you have purchased some item from a particular brand, you will have some sort of expectations or good recall about the same brand product that you have used, so you will bend more toward the same brand for another product purchase.

Client preservation

As the client has interest and trust in your company or business, they will be there with you for a longer time or maybe throughout your whole journey.

It feels nice to have someone looking out for your new adventures and new releases and being blissful after using them, doesn’t it?

Who is Involved in the Product Experience?

The product-based organization needs to focus on the development of the product. The product experience helps the organization to focus on the customer journey that depends on the product. It includes the path from the first login of the customer to the product website till they quit the application.

There is a dedicated team involved in defining the product experience. The integral part of the team involves the graphic design staff and user interface as they provide the customer perspective. The customer support team helps by providing customer input based on their feedback. Customers play a crucial role by providing data through surveys and experience.

Tips To Improve Product Experience

As a business, you should try every possible way to treat your client very delightedly and to make them comfortable in using your products. It may be through your website, your company advertisements, or referrals.

So, here are some tips to please your customers and to improve product experience:

1. Always provide the best customer service

Service that your company provides should never be company based but customer-based, that is you should provide answers to every queries your customers have about your product be it hundred times but you should not get annoyed but instead you should be very peaceful and polite and make them understand the answer to their questions.

Digital engagement tools can genuinely help you in doing this kind of engaging work.

This will build a good impression of your company in their eyes and they will feel more connected and at ease. This is one of the best tips, to increase customer satisfaction.

2. Always take customer reviews seriously and post them on your social media controls

Okay, so for this step first of all your company should have a social media platform with your company’s name to promote your company digitally. You can make one page for your company on Instagram or Facebook or even on Twitter. And if you have a website you can make them purchase your products online.

Now that you have a social media account the customers who have bought your product can contact you with their reviews on your product, be it bad or good you should take them in your mind and if they are bad try to improve those parts in your product.

If the review is good, you can screenshot that review and post it on your story and make a highlight for your future customers to read them and make them trust in your company. This is a good way to increase your company followers and make them stay for a long time.

3. Make your customers and followers part of your success

This is the part your followers love most about following any brand or company.

Make sure to check up on their comments and their congratulations for you from time to time and reply to them, be engaged with them.

4. Arrange giveaways for them

Yes, this is the easiest way to make your customer happy. For example, you have a makeup business then you could do a giveaway of the best lipsticks you have in your brand and you should make some conditions to make them participate in your giveaways, like following your page and comment down.

After all this, you randomly choose some of the followers who have completed all your conditions and give them all the lipstick you mentioned in the giveaway for free.

5. Make available them early access to your products

This will make them feel so special, all you have to do is before officially launching keep them early available on your website for some time and they will be more than content to shop for them before it is launched. This builds a healthy relationship between the customer and the company.

6. Make offers, keep discounts on higher spending customers

Women shop when there is a discount. That is the universal truth. Jokes apart but really, these tricks do make them joyful and very excited for shopping. And happy customers mean happy you. Because their happiness increases product experience which gets your company profit in pockets.

7. Advertise your product with some known face

This is like the mega trick, if you make your product’s advertisement with a known face in it like some actress or model, people who trust that model or actress will also trust you and this will make them try your product, which they will review and that will be it for you. You will get a review that will either make you improve your product or will increase the product experience.

8. Make your products available at more sites:

This one is such a simple thing. Making your product available to more sites will increase its sales and your profit. And also product reviews you get, which eventually increases your product experience.

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How Does PIM Provide The Best Product Experience?

For enhancing the business, it is essential for creating a product experience that is convincing to the customers. The Product Information Management software allows managing the product information and enabling proper distribution of this information over the different channels targeting various locations in several languages.

Enhanced customer satisfaction

The product content plays a crucial role and is considered very important in helping the customers in making their purchase decisions. The true and accurate product data drives the customers towards purchase. The true data will help in the enhanced sale of the product. Enhanced customer satisfaction will lead to a better review by the customers thus attracting more customers that will eventually lead to increased business.

Creating positive emotions

Customer satisfaction directly depends on the quality of the product information provided over the different channels. This product information depends on the actual quality of the product.

The customers purchase the product depending on the description provided. As the product matches the description given on the website, this will enhance customer satisfaction and will prompt the customers to make more purchases.

Meeting customer satisfaction

As the competition in the market increases, the customers prefer comparing all the available products and then selecting the best one based on their requirements. While considering the different products, the customer checks the reviews for the products and compares based on other customer’s feedback.

The consistent and accurate product description will drive the customer to select the product based on their expectations. The PIM allows the customers to get the product information at any geological location, in different languages, considering the local currency, and marketing norms. These parameters allow selecting the best product based on their expectations.

Generating successful customer experience using PIM

An active product experience management is important for generating a successful customer experience. Managing the product details over the different channels, in different countries, or for targeting a specific crowd becomes difficult.

Using the product information management (PIM) software helps in solving all these issues. This software allows removing the data errors thus ensuring accurate product data reaching the customers. The product development and marketing teams keep the product information updated. A well-developed PIM will help the organization to stay ahead in this competitive business.

Providing the best customer experience

A good PIM allows access to the centralized data source to all the stakeholders. The different stakeholders can access and modify the product data based on their rights and position. This helps in ensuring good quality data for circulation to all the customers through different channels.

The PIM allows data transparency thus encouraging the customers to trust the product specification. This leads to increased sales and in turn enhancing the business.

How is PxM Related to PIM?

The product information management (PIM) solution helps the organization to have a centralized system to record and store all the product information. This provides access to all the stakeholders for updating, managing, and enriching all the product-related information. PxM helps in delivering the product details to the shoppers.

PxM allows integration of the data from different sources and touchpoints like ERP, CRM, marketing automation solutions, and contextual data like reviews and ratings. All these details help the potential customers in better understanding the product. The clarity regarding the relevant product information allows the customers to select and finalize their purchasing decision.

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Benefits of Having Better Product Experience Management (PxM)

The organization can better understand its customers by enhancing its services, communication, and interaction at the individual level. The different benefits gained by the organization from the improved product experience management (PxM) include:

  • Helping in understanding the customer’s needs helps the PxM in allowing them to make more meaningful recommendations to their customers for the purchase of the relevant products.
  • Leads to improvised omnichannel customer experience ensure providing the accurate and true product information at every correct touchpoint to their every customer at all times.
  • Provides accurate data effectively and precisely to the customers based on the factors like the device currently used by them to access the product information.
  • Considering the margins and earning supplier volumes, discounts can be provided on the relevant product. This discounting will depend on the best margin and the stock availability.
  • It helps in improving supplier relationship management as it efficiently connects the product information with the supplier information.

PIM & PxM Creates Perfect Brand Experience

The organization needs to maintain highly structured and consistent product information. This is essential for providing optimal user experience and the best products to the customers based on their needs.

An efficient PIM system makes data entry and maintenance easy. It allows easy sharing of the data with various personnel involved in the product supply chain by maintaining the data at a centralized location.

PIM allows compiling the attributes, categorizing products, and the addition of images as digital assets. These data can be adapted and sent to various customers through various channels to target the specific market.

The PxM enables adequate interaction with the customers to understand their needs and provide the products to satisfy their demands. The PxM allows providing the rewards to their customers depending on their purchases. It also leads to an increase in sales and reducing the returns and incorrect purchases. PxM allows faster marketing and enhances the speed of product launching.


Customer experience is a kind of strategy to make your company come on top, to get you on the topmost you can use these tricks and make your patrons cheerful.

In the end, you will have to be respectful and upright to them in every way. Do not make them upset or embarrassed at very low-key issues.

Say goodbye to data chaos and embrace the power of PIM/MDM to supercharge your business growth!