How Digital Asset Management (DAM) System Helps Brands Achieve Success?

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By: Sagar Sharma

How Digital Asset Management (DAM) System Helps Brands Achieve Success?

Modern companies often struggle to maintain their digital assets because of that, they often fail to maintain their brand stability & brand expansion. Digital Asset Management (DAM) System offers a centralized platform in which administrative people can store, organize and even provide authorization to others to access the digital assets.

DAM solution plays a key role in keeping the business operation organized and stays all the activities on schedule through collaborations. This article elaborates how digital asset management systems assist brands to reach their business goal in detail.

What is Digital Asset Management? – Who Uses It?

Digital Asset Management (DAM) is a platform specifically designed to store enterprises or organizations to store and manage their digital assets. By doing so, they can increase their productivity and maintain their brand consistency.

DAM solution offers a platform that can be used by both internal users (Designers, Sales & marketing teams, IT people, Legal people, and so) and external users (Agencies, contractors/partners, and other business entities).

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Why is Digital Asset Management (DAM) System Important?

Many companies are starting to use the Digital Asset Management (DAM) platforms to store, organize, find, retrieve, and share complete digital content. If you access the centralized, user-friendly, and quick-to-deploy nature of the digital library, then you can get a good improvement in your business development efforts as planned.

Every user of the first-class digital asset management (DAM) system gets 100% satisfaction and ensures an array of benefits from efficiently using this system every day.

1. Democratize asset management

Smart and experienced business people worldwide invest in digital asset management solutions for improving the overall collaboration between digital marketers and creative professionals.

Hospitality companies with the maximum touchpoints and file handoffs reap benefits from the appropriate use of the DAM.

It is a suitable time to store your enterprise’s files in the searchable online library by using the DAM. This is because DAM reduces the time personnel spends tracking down the appropriate files.

You can invest in and use the best-in-class nature of the DAM platform designed to be accessible to everyone devoid of requirements of additional technical proficiency. Democratizing asset management is very important for successfully streamlining the workflow of your team and freeing up time for other productive tasks.

2. Increase efficiency

Imagery and graphic designs in the marketing sector are used for elevating the content with the help of visual appeal. On the other hand, an effective DAM solution is used a lot to boost the overall productivity and efficiency through the elimination of requirements for requesting assets every time they are being used.

The design team can devote the entire time to creating first-class assets instead of searching for them when it accesses the complete housing of all illustrations and images in one location. This approach reduces the overall design requests and also prevents rework on assets that successfully have been completed.

3. Multi-channel

Content distribution across several marketing channels through the system for digital asset management is very cost-effective and time-efficient. If many channels are being operated, then there are ever-increasing requirements for efficiently using and administering such resources.

All digitally operating companies throughout the world in our time operate social media channels, websites, microsites, brand pages, partner channels, eCommerce channels, and other important things. These companies reap benefits from numerous integrations with other systems in particular cloud services, product information management systems, and content management systems.

The complete information is centrally and successfully stored in the digital asset management system. They can be displayed with the help of proper connectors for relevant channels devoid of any problem with media serving.

4. Very good security and encryption

There are so many favorite things associated with digital asset management software. However, the main advantage is high cyber security. If you are very conscious about how to protect the data and use data as efficiently as possible, then you can prefer and use the DAM.

All users of the open-source digital asset management system also ensure that their system is designed to successfully protect all files in the storage center and in every channel the content is sent through. They are happy to say goodbye to the file transfer protocol and add the complete enterprise-level encryption protocols and several related functions like the watermark in visual assets.

5. Speed up the asset creation and extend the life cycle of assets

The best digital asset management (DAM) system solutions are designed to properly speed up the new asset creation by up to 50% and render the available assets by 85%. Automation associated with this system helps a lot for all businesses regardless of their size.

If you use the modern DAM and automation facilities related to it, then you can set up rules and templates without delay and enter metadata once instead of duplicating the available and unnecessary work. This efficiency scales and lets the business concentrate on ideating and personalizing an outstanding campaign for the new business development journey.

6. Rich metadata

The most exceptional benefits of the DAM system encourage many people to prefer and invest in it. The speed and ease in which you search thousands of files are the main benefits for users of this system. All such benefits are achieved by successfully tagging assets with metadata.

Metadata is a descriptive annotation of the document designed to let it be searchable. It is very important for searching as it is designed to make it easy to search for particular details of digital assets. Digital assets with the maximum specific keywords association can be found easier than digital assets without such keywords association.

7. Controlled access and content backups

A digital asset management system registers every member and administrator with Read-only or Edit access. If anything changes, then you can know who has done it. The two-step authentication is another security measure associated with the DAM.

There is no problem for users of the DAM when there has been a wrong alteration or you require just going back to an old version. This is because the digital asset management system saves not only the history of the file but also previous versions of the file and such things can be recovered at all times.

8. Save time, money, and resources

Every user of the DAM solution saves time, costs, and resources. Many business people with years of experience in the competitive business development sector are happy and confident to invest in and use the digital asset management system. They use this system to achieve fast business processes, improve team coordination, and reduce the time-to-market for the launch of their products, and compatibility with any size of the business and its operations.

9. Copyright

Copyright management is an important asset in the competitive business world beyond doubt. There are so many roles assigned for controlling who has what level of access to the overall assets and how such things can be viewed.

The most outstanding DAM manages the overall license agreements for such assets. For example, photos are hidden without any human intervention when the license expires. This facility helps a lot in terms of the protection against copyright cases and associated legal expenses.

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Features of Digital Asset Management (DAM) System

As the industry keeps on evolving, marketers are looking for a reliable platform where they can manage the end-to-end content lifecycle for creating effective marketing campaigns. DAM solution offers such an awesome platform for marketers; in addition, it provides some extra features which are listed below.

1. Content Organizing

Organizing content in the core feature of the digital asset management system, by offering a centralized library for storing product content DAM solution offers an easy-to-access to that library. Everyone can easily access the product digital asset store in the DAM’s centralized library.

Apart from just storing the digital asset of the product, the DAM solution organizes it perfectly and properly leveraged by authenticated users like employees, partners, and other entities to maximize its potential.

2. Content Searching

Digital asset management offers a platform in which users can easily find the right product. Without DAM, it would be time-consuming for users to find the product which they are looking for in an online store having hundreds of products.

The DAM system makes the product more easily discoverable by storing them along with keywords, product attributes, and other basic information regarding the product assets. Also, the DAM system provides a concise category structure for storing products, which makes things much easier for users to find the products they are looking for.

3. Downloading Content

Information or data stored in the DAM system is always valuable for your business and your employees, so they will require easy access & downloading of the digital asset from the centralized library. The DAM system allows you to download/share the assets stored in the centralized library in exact file format and resolution.

In addition, it authorizes users to make changes in asset formats and resolution, so that business leaders won’t face numerous requests for changing data format or resolution from teams.

4. Ability To Track Content Editing

DAM solution offers a platform where users can make changes and save; meanwhile, administrative people can track those changes made by the users viewing those previous versions of the digital asset. This feature will be very useful for business leaders to revert those changes at any time when they feel wrong about the edited version.

5. Content Sharing

To run a successful business, collaboration is very important among co-workers, agencies, and other business entities. In today’s market, you can use a lot of tools that allow you to share photos or other files with low resolution & size.

However, when it comes to sharing files with big size and high-resolution photos utilizing digital asset management would be the right option. DAM solution offers three ways to share content/files via email, lightboxes, and branded portals.

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What Do You Get From a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system?

DAM solution offers an effective solution for managing a product’s digital asset. Through which enterprises or an organization can store, enrich and retrieve their company’s digital assets effectively. Here are a few more aspects you need to know about what DAM offers you.

Files Sharing & Access

Users can find it so easy to share and access the files stored in the DAM system. Also, they can share files easily & fast among their co-workers in a secured environment.

Simple & Easy Organization of Company Assets

Enterprises can store and organize their company’s digital assets in a centralized library and make it easy for all to access.

Easy Collaboration

The DAM solution offers a platform that acts as a hub where all your team can access and download content.

Advanced Searching

The DAM system has powerful search options that allow users to find the products easily & quickly. The ability to store assets along with keywords and metadata makes the searching option an advanced & more powerful one to sort down the right product.

Easy Publishing

Users of the DAM system can utilize digital publishing tools to share content with the stored files/data easily via multiple channels like social media, CMS, and so.

How to choose Digital Asset Management (DAM) system?

Looking to hire a DAM developer for developing prolific software for your business! Well, you should keep answering these upcoming questions to ensure you develop or purchase the right DAM solution for your business.

  • What is the actual business issue you are trying to solve through the DAM system?
  • Who is going to use the system?
  • Whether the DAM solution clears your business problem?
  • Are you going to use the DAM system as a warehouse and a platform to improve your company culture?
  • What type of file formats are supported by the DAM system?

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Bottom Line

Without any doubt you can say, a DAM system acts as a central source of truth for marketers to access the digital asset. And for a management perspective, the DAM solution streamlines and manages the overall needs of the digital assets in business operation.

Finally, having a good digital asset management system will improve work efficiency and increase productivity; this helps businesses to achieve their goals without any struggle.

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