Top 7 IDEs for NodeJS App Development in 2020
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By: Sagar Sharma

Top 7 IDEs for NodeJS App Development in 2020

To build a successful web application, it is imperative to have complete control over the code that developers write.

And for that, developers must use efficient code debugging and editing tools. – Tools that will help them write optimized code with speed and accuracy.

This is where IDEs (Integrated Development Environment) comes into the picture.

IDE, according to Wikipedia, is a software application that offers comprehensive facilities to developers for software application development.

Simply put, an IDE is basically a code editor, compiler, debugger, build automation tool, and much more in a single software suite.

Now, there are lots of IDEs available in the market today, some of which are built for a specific programming language, while others support more than one language.

But in today’s blog, we’ll focus on IDEs that are best for NodeJS app development.

Top 7 IDEs for NodeJS App Development

NodeJS is a popular back-end JavaScript framework for developing network as well as server-side applications.

In fact, NodeJS has captured the backend technology market so fast that big companies like SAP, Walmart, IBM, Yahoo!, and many others have started using it.

But as we mentioned earlier, you’ll have to use certain IDEs in order to fully leverage its true power.

Here are the top 7 IDEs that work best for Node JS app development.

1 – Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is one of the best IDEs developed by Microsoft. It is a lightweight yet powerful code editor which is available for free to download and use.

The best part about Visual Studio Code is that it has built-in support for JavaScript as well as NodeJS and runs on all OS such as MacOS, Windows, and Linux.

Apart from this, Microsoft has also added a very rich ecosystem of plugins & extensions to support other popular programming languages such as Java, Python, C++, PHP, and more.

Prime Features of Visual Studio Code

  • In-built CLI (Command Line Interface)
  • Integrated Terminal
  • Split View & Zen Mode
  • Helpers (Context Menus, Intellisense)
  • Git Integration

2 – Sublime Text

Sublime text is a code editor and IDE for NodeJS. It is loaded with powerful and most advanced features with options like quick project switching, split editing, and more.

In addition, Sublime text offers multiple selection options to manipulate files faster, giving you the highest performance with an option to customize just about everything with simple JSON files.

The best part of this IDE is that it is built using custom components which provides unmatched responsiveness.

Prime Features of Sublime Text

  • Instant Project Switch
  • Split Editing
  • Powerful Package Ecosystem & API
  • Cross-Platform

3 – WebStorm

WebStorm is a popular JavaScript IDE built by JetBrains.

It is packed with an impeccable smart coding assistance along with features like on-the-fly error detection, code completion, refactoring, and powerful navigation features for most JavaScript programming languages, which is ideal for server-side development with NodeJS.

Prime Features of WebStorm

  • Seamless tool integration
  • Highly customization
  • Powerful built-in tools
  • Intelligent coding assistance

4 – Atom

Atom IDE is an open-source code editor available as cross-platform, meaning you can use it on all three OS (MacOS, Windows, and Linux).

Atom is built using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and NodeJS. One of the useful features of the Atom is that it allows developers to work directly with Git and Github with the Github package.

Prime Features of Atom

  • Cross-Platform editing
  • In-built package manager
  • Smart autocompletion
  • File system browser

5 – Cloud9

Cloud9, as the name suggests, is a cloud-based IDE that aids application development using popular JavaScript frameworks such as NodeJS, Meteor, and more.

From the coding perspective, Cloud9 is one of the most powerful online code editor and debugger that provides several important features such as live previewing, image editor, key binding editor, and much more.

Prime Features of Cloud9

  • In-built terminal
  • Integrated debugger
  • Server-less development
  • Full-featured editor

6 – Eclipse

Eclipse is another cloud-based IDE that is far more popular the most most-beloved one. It is an open-source code editor with useful features such as code refactoring, error checking, source code generation, and code automatic build.

You can easily build NodeJS applications using Eclipse through a simple NodeJS integration.

Prime Features of Eclipse

  • Maven Integration
  • Git Integration
  • Eclipse Java development tools
  • Code recommenders tools

7 – IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ IDEA is another IDE that is developed by JetBrains using Java & Kotlin.

To develop a NodeJS application with IntelliJ IDEA, you’ll need to integrate a NodeJS plugin in order to leverage its features like code assistance, code completion, syntax highlighting, and more for your next NodeJS project.

Unlike other IDEs, IntelliJ IDEA allows you to compile, run, and debug NodeJS apps right inside the IDE itself. Additionally, its predictive algorithm automatically assumes what a developer is attempting to write and complete it for him. As a result, it maximizes the developers’ productivity while making the coding experience enjoyable.

Prime Features of IntelliJ IDEA

  • Smart code completion
  • Productivity booster
  • Version control
  • Inline debugger
  • Framework-based assistance
  • Build tools
  • Terminal
  • Database tools


NodeJS framework has certainly become a popular JavaScript framework in a short time. We hope that you’ve found this list helpful. If you need more assistance as to which IDE is right for your NodeJS app development project, we’re here to assist you.

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