[Infographic] Which to Choose for your Next Mobile App Development Project?

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By: Sagar Sharma

[Infographic] Fixed vs. Time & Material vs. Offshore Dedicated Center – Which to Choose For your Next Mobile App Development Project?

Do you want to convert your mobile app development project into an application? Choosing the right engagement model for your mobile app development project is one of the difficult things, as you have to decide between agile software development and waterfall software development.

It’s true that engagement model has far more important impacts on your development than choosing the methodologies. In this infographics, we have shown different engagement models, i.e. Fixed Model, Time & Material, and Offshore Development Center (Dedicated Team) with their advantages, disadvantages, and comparison.
This infographic will guide you to choose the right engagement models for your next mobile app development project. Let’s have a look into what actually engagement models are.

In general terms, engagement models are the frameworks that manage the way in which mobile app Development Company provides an app development service to their clients.

Ensuring the level of flexibility and control, engagement models focus on the interest and requirements of the clients. There are different kinds of engagement models, however, here we have defined three models that are used in software app Development Company.

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