Marketing Automation with PIMCORE – All You Need To Know
By: Sagar Sharma

Marketing Automation with PIMCORE – All You Need To Know

A wholly new class of technology in recent times is doing marvels in the business world. Young businessmen and women are taking leads through this revolutionary idea.

Marketing automation is a billion-dollar idea that reduces the workload of many and besides increases your sales.

Visual attractive contents are in high demand as the consumers are now more connected virtually. Consumers are lacking in time and they choose convenience amidst their hectic schedule. Consumers prefer to have comfort while sitting in-home, and that boosts up the market competition. The boosted competition leads the market to have automation with rich product information.

What is Automation?

The word automation is self-explanatory. We use automated devices and systems in our day-to-day lives to make complex life much simpler. Automated devices simply increase our efficiency to carry out daily tasks.

Recently, automation is being applied in the fields of manufacturing, transport, defense, and massively in information technology. The implementation of artificial intelligence and machine coding is touching greater heights each passing day.

What is Marketing Automation? Why Is It Important?

In this current scenario of the world which is better to be called a technology hub, it really has become a difficult task for the customer to choose one among so many options floating in the market. More or less those products are sold that receive positive-negative customer feedback and realistic reviews.

Here comes the concept of marketing automation. Marketing automation in brief is; automation tactics to act as an attractant for the consumers. These include targeting your sales product to a particular class of consumers. It can be fulfilled by the use of tailored messages and visuals, along with activity tracking of the customers that will be sure shot in increasing your sales-readiness.

Marketing automation has got a hell of a lot of advantages.

  • It assists your team’s strength by providing them to focus more often on overall strategy by the use of comprehensive statistics.
  • It prioritizes the variable needs of your customers through behavioral tracking methodologies.

Marketing Automation is also known as mind-reading in layman’s terms, you can provide the consumer with some shortlisted categories according to their recent searches, forwarding mails of advertisement and recent developments, as well as asking the consumer to provide feedback on your services.

These will automatically make your business lead in the race of horses and contribute to the business’s growth. These processes require professional coders but once successfully installed in the market can bring an upsurge in your business.

What Are The Features Of Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is the new normal in the business sector. The highly advanced techniques that this automation provides can help you to streamline multi-channel digital marketing tasks.

These eliminate the task of engaging many people into one single task. The ultimate aim of automation marketing is to make things easier for marketers to do marketing in a much efficient way with the aid of tools.

The features of marketing automation can be a boon or bane for you if you lack the knowledge of features.

Track down Progress

Every social media handler craves views so do the business tycoons. Business tycoons and social media handlers can track their website visitors through marketing automation. This helps them track down progress and contents so that they can know what is in recent demands.

Execute Campaigns with Automated Content

You can conduct frequent interactive polls and questionnaires for your consumers and keep on uploading the company’s products and services and run the campaigns to decide what is best for you.

Lead nurturing

A concept that can be explained as making a student learn something by revising the same topic again and again. This process is also known as drip marketing because essentially it means you drip small amounts of your content every time to never let your brand get faded in the minds of your consumers.

Progressive profiling of forms

With automation, you can decrease the form field or even replace it with what is absolutely necessary. You can have a dynamic platter of content for consumers, which is very engaging.

CRM Integration

Automation in marketing allows business owners & marketers to transfer business data or lead information to multiple channels easily. For example, transferring lead details between the marketing team and the sales team becomes much easier with automation.

How To Use Marketing Automation?

Some companies sometimes use marketing automation wrongly as a tool of hoarding unreliable emails to a big mass of consumers without any case study on their consumers. This would be a waste of time for both the consumer and the company. This includes some basic etiquette to be followed.

Be specific in sending your emails. Your email must be engaging and include more understandable data with your company e-book. This doesn’t complete your task. Follow-ups must be made from your end. This gives the customer a feeling of bonding.

Keep the goal of your company clear to your employees and consumers. Try to be unique in delivering messages. Always think from the prospect of your consumer. Customer engagement campaigns and offers can work miracles in view of this scope. Keeping a regular track record of your users is a must to read your user’s mind correctly.

When Do You Need Marketing Automation?

This 21st century is an era of a horse race, where no one wants to be left behind. All love achieving success and getting fame in business. This is where you need to upgrade your business with the aid of marketing automation.

The best ones don’t follow the group but they stand out of the line to make their own position.

You Need Marketing Automation in the below cases

  • When you are not able to cope up with the process of identification of customers, tracking customer’s preferences, and keeping your customers engaged.
  • When you can’t prioritize your customer’s needs and decide what suits them best.
  • When you can’t outperform your past results.
  • When your customers lack interest in your marketing activities.
  • When you are not able to pull out the stats of your revenue generation from your marketing campaigns.

When you find yourself trapped in any one of the above problems; then you need marketing automation. Marketing Automation is the ability to display the effectiveness of your campaigns that gives a crystal clear message about your business to consumers. Marketing campaigns help you to reach the bottom line and generate more budgeting for marketing programs.

More sales mean more revenue and higher growth. Lastly, it is not just about sending emails to anyone out there, be as specific as possible and target your consumers at the right time and right place. Scale your progress.

What Are The Benefits Of Marketing Automation?

In today’s digital era, everything becomes digitized & automated. Marketing automation can be simply termed as the Umbrella for enterprises or companies that look to streamline their workflow and their marketing tasks.

Marketing automation is a collective term that gives the companies several tools to streamline, automate and measure marketing tasks and workflows, so they can increase operational efficiency and grow revenues faster.

Marketing Automation – Key Benefits

1. Strengthened Sales and Marketing Partnership

Everyone desires more salary in fewer efforts. So, marketing automation comes as your savior. The redundant tasks and manual data collection activity can be performed efficiently by automation. This gives more free time to its employers to focus on bigger tasks- such as strengthening Sales.

2. Time Savings

With boosted efficiency, you can have a lot of spare time. With automation, you can avoid repetitive tasks which need monitoring of employees daily. The saved time could be used to brainstorm your mind and you might end up having creative ideas for your business. You would never regret having spare time, which you used in boosting your business.

3. Meet long-term Goals

For every business, the primary goal is to have maximum profit. Automation pushes you one step ahead of your long-term goal. You can personalize customer’s preferences, which will give you an edge towards global scalability. You can prepare fantastic flowcharts of your marketing processes which include the customer’s journey from getting welcomed to an unbreakable bond forever.

4. Scalability

Implementing marketing automation properly gives you an effective solution that can be handy for both marketers and business owners to achieve their short & long-term goals. With this companies and enterprises are able to reach their audience with all the pieces which they look for.

5. Concrete Measures of Success

You can achieve ultimate success in marketing automation. Personalize your social media handles for your target consumers so that they are not lost in the flood of products. Your brand name should be in their tongue tips wherever the need arises.

The great proverb stands very true here “The consumer may forget what they bought and why they bought from you but will never forget how they got treated by you.” Well, marketing automation helps marketers and business owners to achieve friendly coordination with their consumers/buyers.

To avail of these benefits from marketing automation, you need to conduct regular ongoing and testing campaigns on different platforms simultaneously. Over time, the incremental improvements in your campaigns will give you significant improvements in the long run.

Schedule your posts and campaigns according to the customer’s feasibility. You can as well schedule different segments of a single post based on different segments of your audience.

Marketing Automation With PIMCORE

Pimcore provides you with the exact stage to set up a digitalization program in your business to take a lead in the evolving market. It is a platform that is believed to provide its marketers with personalized digital content, commerce, and community via its funneling programs that aim to integrate CMS, eCommerce, PIM, and DAM.

Pimcore believes in delivering tailored product experiences across multiple consumer touchpoints, in every mode possible, be it online or offline. It is a platform that aims to deliver its contents to any channel or device via its API-oriented architecture.

Pimcore’s customer data management framework works on the customer’s distinct behaviors and aims at fulfilling their wishes and demands. It is an open-source of innovative ideas.

How Marketers Can Benefit From Pimcore’s DXP?

Pimcore DXP is a digital experience that manages the necessity of influential companies. Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is a wholesome body that is a more advanced and improvised version than CMS.

In simple words, DXP is a one-stop solution that allows you to engage with your consumers or users through a personalized approach. Today’s shopping experience totally differs when compared with the buyer’s needs of the past decade. To satisfy and exceed the expectation of modern buyers automation marketing becomes inevitable.

Marketers get benefit from Pimcore DXP in the following ways:

  • DXP gets personalized and consistent content across all channels.
  • DXP makes data handling a much easier task and interdepartmental communication more portable.
  • DXP connects the entire data architecture and all the platforms involved in the value chain.
  • DXP provides the ability to impact the entire customer lifestyle across all touchpoints.
  • A DXP enables you to channelize your relevant content through different modes such as voice assistants, kiosks, LoT devices, and many more through the use of API’S technology.

With this initiation, it helps variant age consumers get the best of all knowledge i.e the Omni-channels experience. The DXP helps you with a holistic view of all gathered data and ensures that the experience is unbreakable.

Bottom Line

After all the information I have tried to deliver you through the above article, I believe that I have put enough for you to understand the benefit and significance of marketing automation. Marketing automation provides Reliability, flexibility, and compatibility through its dynamic personalizing tools. You do not only want to sustain in the competitive world but want to lead the race; so for that, you need Marketing automation.

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