16 Reasons Why Enterprises Need a Robust Pimcore Platform

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By: Sagar Sharma

16 Reasons Why Enterprises Need a Robust Pimcore Platform

Thanks to digitalization, the world is becoming efficient, and it is changing the way of living. The process of digitalization is a continuous process and keeps evolving with time. In a dynamic sector like the software industry, change is the only constant.

In this blog, you will know 16 advantages of Pimcore, a revolutionary digital platform that has helped varied industry domains to transform their business operations, product experience, and customer experiences in a better way.

But, before rushing into the theme of this post, let’s discuss more Pimcore.

What is Pimcore?

Pimcore is an open-source experience management platform that enables users to create and manage apps released under a BSD license.

Pimcore provides six frameworks that consist of Product Information Management, Master Data Management, Digital Experience Platform, Digital Commerce Platform, Customer Data Platform, and Digital Asset Management.

As discussed earlier, the platform is open source, organizations are allowed to access the source code of all these frameworks for free. So, you can use one or more frameworks out of the six as per your business needs.

All of these frameworks contain outstanding capabilities and feature sets. On the technical term, the Pimcore framework is based upon, MySQL database, PHP, and Zend Framework.

The platform has shown immense growth in the last few years. Over the years, it has transformed itself into a consolidated platform for content, commerce, a community across the industries.

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Advantages of Pimcore

There are a number of advantages of going with Pimcore. Here are some of the major aspects Why Pimcore is the right choice for your requirements.

1. Training is Relatively Easier

The latest version of Pimcore is based on Symfony 3, an extremely popular and easy-to-use framework. In comparison to Magneto, the additional code layer offered by Pimcore is microscopic. The plain and simple architecture of Pimcore is responsible for building an easy to use platform.

For a comparative study, it takes only a couple of weeks to train a Pimcore developer against three months to train a Magento developer.

2. The Integration of Modern Technology

As mentioned earlier, the latest version of Pimcore (5) is based on Symfony 3. This particular technology is often considered as efficient and easy to develop. Therefore, in the market, it is relatively easier to find and hire a developer having Symfony 3 knowledge. Thanks to Symfony 3, the Pimcore framework is equipped with all the latest technology, and it is compatible with the integration of third-party applications.

3. A Small Yet Vibrant Community

If you compare the Pimcore community against other CMS communities, you will find its community is relatively smaller. Many will count it as a disadvantage; however, the same is not true always, especially in the case of Pimcore.

A small community often open to cooperating with each other. You can create bonding on a personal level and take each other’s help in order to complete a project together. Some of the major active community partners are Ateles, MDS, OSS Cube, Basilicom, Youwe, Incoxx, Swiss Dev, Rio Digital, Active Publishing, Brunner, Creating Web, Grey Digital, and so on.

4. All in One Platform

One of the major advantages of Pimcore is that you can develop a single digital solution by combining PIM, DAM, DXP, MDM, CDP, and eCommerce. This particular feature is highly convenient, and it helps to keep the cost significantly lower for the business owners. Besides, Pimcore has a definite advantage when it comes to integration with any number of third-party applications and tools as well as existing enterprise systems.

5. Exceptional UX for Editors and Admins

In order to make changes in the layout, you must have some experience in hiring frontend-developers. But, in Pimcore, editing is super easy, and it looks exactly what you intended. As a result, you do not need to hire any developer for layout changes. Though the Pimcore-based systems are flexible in nature, they are quite easy to get familiar with.

6. The Management of Workflow

While processing data, Pimcore supports workflow management. Pimcore enables you to map the internal processes of the client. For example, you can initiate with the DAM module and process all the photos of your client for a particular product, organize them in the required manner, and edit them as well.

7. Ideal for B2B and Fashion

Once you connect PIM with eCommerce and CMS, you will create an ideal platform for B2B and fashion. The best part is these two are two of the fastest-growing eCommerce segments in the industry. Therefore, you can address both these segments by using this one solution.

8. Open Source PIM

Though there are a number of open-source CMS and eCommerce platforms, you will find a limited choice as far as open-source PIMs, which is another plus point of Pimcore. If you compare the traditional PIMs that many firms are still using with Pimcore, Pimcore will win every bet.

The addition of added flexibility and easy to use features make Pimcore a reliable choice to trust. As a result, by going with this particular framework, you can easily manage and up to date the enterprise data on a consistent basis.

9. Smooth Customer Experience

By opting for Pimcore, you can enjoy a comprehensive User Experience on your platform. Without taking the help of any third-party solutions, here, you can personalize your content efficiently. The reason being, you have only a single source of product information and usage of complex tools for segmentation and target users.

10. Agile Nature

Pimcore is also known for its fast operation. The framework is faster than the majority of its counterparts. Pimcore data model carries “connect anything” architecture, which is often regarded as one of the best in the market. The architecture is performance-oriented, highly flexible, and agile in nature. It can handle tens of millions of products at one go very efficiently. It is virtually impossible to measure the limit of Pimcore.

11. Feature Rich

You can take advantage of numerous features on Pimcore. Some of the key features are:

  • Smooth and natural support for the smartphone platform
  • Drag & drop interface
  • Magnificent graphic editor
  • Well personalized tools
  • Super easy data integration mechanism
  • Multi-language support
  • Multi-domain support

12. Data Privacy

Privacy is a sensitive topic in the market today. When you deal with data, sooner or later, you will be questioned on privacy. In that case, choosing a platform that offers a safe house for your data is always counted as an additional advantage. Luckily, Pimcore complies with all the privacy laws as far as data is concerned.

13. Personalized Experience

Pimcore is specialized in combining data related to businesses and customers with behavioral data. As a result, you will get a fair idea about your customers’ actual necessity, and therefore, you can offer a highly personalized solution to them. By quickly showing the right product on your platform, you can significantly improve the chances of converting your leads into customers.

14. Usage of Artificial Intelligence

These days, Pimcore is trying hard to integrate futuristic technologies, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, on its platform. As a result, in the near future, it will help the business owners to enrich the product data automatically that is missing today.

15. Effective Email marketing

Email marketing needs no introduction. It still remains one of the most efficient ways to increase your customer count. Pimcore effectively integrated MailChimp into the platform.

As a result, by going with the Email component of Pimcore, you can send personalized emails and newsletters to your customers without opting for any further integration of any third-party plugins.

16. Handling a Mass Rush Effectively

Once your platform becomes popular, it is obvious to face a mass rush, tens of thousands of people at one particular time period, on a certain occasion, and more often than not, your platform will face an impact of that rush.

However, by going with Pimcore, you can easily avoid such performance lapse. In such scenarios, Pimcore will automatically switch to a resource-saving way in order to handle the extreme situation in a smooth manner.

Wrapping it off

Now, you must have reasonable answers to the million-dollar question, Why Pimcore is the right choice for you. It has so many advantages that cannot be ignored. You can write your own digital success story by going with Pimcore.

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