How Pimcore Boosts Business Growth by Beating Competitors?

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By: Sagar Sharma

How Pimcore Boosts Business Growth by Beating Competitors?

Today, many businesses and international brands face the challenge of “digital disappointment.” Digital Disappointment is simply a more compatible, sophisticated, and user-friendly concept with your business systems and tools.

Today, Pimcore is the best open-source digital transformation technology on the market to integrate digital technologies. A PIM for an eCommerce business acts as a centralized data storage and management system. It focuses completely on product data and other fields of eCommerce.

What is Pimocre?

Pimcore is a digital open-source platform for businesses that helps to integrate the data into a user-friendly system.

Pimcore is basically a multi-tool that enables a business with data management modules to achieve digital transformation.

This usage of data management modules makes companies more productive, improves their business performance, and allows unlimited connectivity with external software.

The PIM supports the eCommerce database and other third-party systems as the definitive source of product data. Pimcore is now the only DXP interface to customize completely according to your business’s specific processes, features, and relationships.

Multi-store set-ups all have extremely complex data processing requirements, and PIM ensures data confidentiality in all processes and environments.

Pimcore Components

A Pimcore System can be utilized in many ways as an effective solution for your eCommerce business. Here we have provided how the components of Pimcore play a key role in offering wholesome eCommerce solutions.

MDM – MDM stands for Master Data Management. It allows business owners to manage all sets of data in a centralized location.

DXP – DXP stands for Digital Experience Platform. Pimcore uses CaaS (Content-as-a-Service) feature for delivering content to different channels via API-driven solutions. Owing to that, the customer will avail tailored buying experience.

DAM – DAM stands for Digital Asset Management, this allows business owners to manage and handle digital media assets including social media. With such easy handling, digital media assets managing e-commerce business becomes so easy. Especially on managing digital data on a daily basis.

Digital Commerce Platform – Well, Pimcore’s Digital Commerce Platform enables the business owner to build and manage a unique platform that integrates all reaming modules of the PIM system. Moreover, it empowers admin to utilize part of the Pimcore according to eCommerce business needs.

How Pimcore Boosts Business Growth by Beating Competitors?

1. Innovation

In a hyper-competitive market where the next generation of leaders can emerge at any moment, it is essential consistently to innovate. With new business entries, the expansion of competitive landscapes, and new consumer demands, Pimcore is continually challenged. A PIM for the eCommerce business aims to retain the increasing market demand and improve the services by offering great digital experiences.

2. Speed

A solution helps build new and exciting opportunities. The parameters of traditional software solutions are not limited to Pimcore. The system is 100% Open Source, introducing the door to a new digital world. Companies can speed up, develop, modify, and build what they want very quickly.

3. Open Source

Due to the 100% open source, the customers can opt for any digital experience. It enables a global community to put together new ideas and create a digital experience that further outperforms proprietary models.

4. Productivity

In terms of profitability, a PIM provides several associated benefits. Optimized product quality and specific categorization allow clients to find what they want quickly and reduce the chances of an inefficient category hierarchy. If products are presented properly with clear and accurate information, consumer return rates decrease, and thus profitability is further improved.

5. Improves Customer Experience

If products are properly organized and stored, customers can find more easily what they want, value their decision to purchase the products. PIM for an eCommerce business offers more effectively, creates dynamic templates, and does customer personalization.

6. Brand Consistency

Pimcore helps businesses to establish brand consistency in comparison to other DXP platforms. Pimcore enables integrating all information, data, and media assets in a website, e-mail, print catalog, and any other output channel extremely easily.

You can use the PIM for an eCommerce business for the promotion of your wide range of business products. You can manage the entire product details, including images, product descriptions, and product attributes, and more.

Why You Should Choose Pimcore As Digital Partner for Your Business?

Pimcore for an eCommerce business gives full control to the business owner/admin on handling the enterprise’s technology architecture. Pimcore eCommerce gives an excellent digital experience for the customers.

Besides, business owners can find it so easy to manage business products, publishing content in different channels, and so on.

Every eCommerce business has its own way of handling data, unique business processes, and a specific set of business requirements. So picking the right digital platform for your eCommerce business is mandatory to achieve your goal. PIM for an eCommerce business could be the best and wise option to consider as it definitely fits all types of business requirements.

How Pimcore aids your e-commerce business?

PIM for an eCommerce business is a feasible option in today’s cutthroat competition. To stay ahead of competitors, Pimcore is preferable as it has many benefits for your e-commerce business, listed below. Some are hidden benefits and some are obvious benefits.

1. The pool of Data

Pimcore can hold a pool of data. Data is stored in the central platform of all the products, products description, and specifications. So basically you can get all the product information easily which you are going to need for marketing your eCommerce business. When effective marketing is done with reliable data of a product, it helps in getting maximum profit.

Pimcore has a pool of data of every single product, classified product data that is completely transparent and trustworthy. Moreover, with PIM it is easy to share data among various channels from the central platform. It classifies and aggregates data automatically, which makes it more suitable for e-commerce.

2. Digital Revolution

It does not matter how much-advanced technology you might be using for your e-commerce, to some extent it is going to be restrained and will create troubles for your business which you do not want to happen.

With Pimcore, consistent data with flexibility is stored in a platform for strong product data. This product data will not be restrained if multiple products or channels will demand it to work. This product data is your digital asset for the future and will bring a digital revolution to your e-commerce. The digital revolution of data and systems is important.

3. Content management system

One of the basic roles of Pimcore is to manage content on a central platform. It contains all the product specifications, product descriptions, product availability, and product reviews. When accurate product data is available at ease, it helps a lot in building perfect marketing strategies. Also, it helps in product development, and it helps in the product life cycle.

Multiple location data is stored in a single platform, which is transparent for its users. When data is stored transparently managing and updating becomes much easier. For many endpoints, one solution of Pimcore is enough.

4. Dominance of PIM on e-commerce

In today’s technological world one has to rely on PIM without having any second thoughts about not using it. With digital transformation and with a pool of data, PIM has dominated the e-commerce business. No one likes to save their data in the traditional way by spending more time, and every e-commerce business wants their product data to be stored in a modern way, which is less time-consuming.

When every one of your competitors has gotten the benefits of PIM, then you should not wait because PIM is a must, if you want to cope up with your competitors.

5. Time management

Time is everything. When PIM takes care of your primary activities of product management, at the same time it allows you to have spare time, which can be utilized in your core business activities. If you are wise enough to utilize your timing, it can be an added advantage for you.

Plus whenever particular data, for a particular product is required, you do not have to shuffle websites for the details, the data is ready and secured in the central platform- this too saves time for you. Competitive advantage will be on your side when you focus on core business activity with saved time.

6. Cost-saving decision

When you implement Pimcore, it is a cost-saving decision for your e-commerce. PIM takes care of content management and that makes no other operational costs. Implementing Pimcore saves operational and supply chain costs. Through content management, information is secured with accuracy, that accuracy will reduce the cost of missing product data.

The chances of product returns are nearly minimal because every detail of the product is available at ease. At the time of implementation, you just have to invest in Pimcore, but in the future, it will give you so many profits, and money will be worth spending.

7. Customer Satisfaction

A happy customer is the measure of your e-commerce business growth. When product data is accurate, customers can make an informed decision about whether to buy the product or not. If data is misleading or inaccurate it will lose customer’s interest in the product.

With Pimcore, product data will never give a customer a chance to complain. So customer queries will be minimal in regards to the product. A satisfied customer is assessed and it will benefit your business again and again. A word of mouth from a happy customer is helpful in getting new customers.

8. Boosts up productivity

With Pimcore, master data is generated, so there is no requirement to save data on multiple sources. Also, users or retailers can get the product data easily from master data whenever they need it. This automatic process of data feeding to those who require it makes it generate more profit for your business.

Productivity is directly related to efficiency, when time is saved, great technology is rolling, the cost is cutting, efficiency is more it all will eventually boost up the productivity of your business. When productivity is boosted, the profit of your e-commerce business will also increase simultaneously.

9. Data Migration

When data is stored in one single central platform it is so easy to migrate it. If you ever have to re-platform your business then you should not worry about data migration.

When data is stored in multiple locations, with different product details, without systematically it creates a problem when the migration of data has to be done. But with the PIM system, data migration is so easy and a practical option.

10. Technology

Pimcore for an eCommerce business specifically designed to meet the expectation of the programmers. Pimcore system totally relies on modern technologies (MySQL, Mongo DB, PHP, Elastic Search, Varnish, and so) which are in high demand among the programmers.

Apart from that, users can operate the Pimcore directly from leading web browsers like MS Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and so. The user-friendly interface along with the multiple OS compatibility of Pimcore gives a real advantage.

The above-mentioned points, you need PIM for an eCommerce business so that you can have a pool of data stored in a digital platform, that will save your time, will cut your cost, will give you more productivity and profitability, will give your customer satisfaction on products, and at the end, data migration will be so easy with PIM.

Stats on Pimcore eCommerce

According to the survey report from the trusted source, around 85K top companies from 56 leading countries are using Pimcore for their eCommerce business. This includes Pepsi, IKEA, Audi, Energa – leading energy supplier in Europe, and so.

Bottom Line

PIM for an eCommerce business must be an integral part of this fast-paced environment of competition, as it saves more cost than it brings. For the past few years, Pimcore has entirely turned the tables in business operations. It enables top businesses to handle their multi-business operation right from the centralized location. Thus it saves a huge amount and also boosts productivity.

If you haven’t implemented your business do it as soon as possible.

Say goodbye to data chaos and embrace the power of PIM/MDM to supercharge your business growth!