Mobile Apps for Law Firms: How Much Worth is it to Invest?

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By: Sagar Sharma

Mobile Apps for Law Firms: How Much Worth is it to Invest?

Mobility is transforming every enterprise and small business. Enabling digital transformation throughout the organization have become a trend among enterprises. It helps them to improve the quality of service to their customers and increase operational productivity by streamlining various processes.

Experts believe that mobile apps for law firms will change their future forever. But how? Will it bring any operational change in the organization? Is it going to change the way lawyers used to operate? How efficient will an attorney get after using a mobile app? Will it help law firms to improve customer experience? Read further to know more.

9 Reasons to Invest in Mobile Apps for Law Firms

Whether it is to optimize internal operations or to engage clients, mobile apps for law firms bring terrific benefits to the businesses of legal services providers. Here’s how.

Internal Operations

1. Simplify Client Appointments and Time Management

Big law firms have to deal with hundreds of clients a day. Every person, including timekeepers, executives, lobbyists, etc. are very particular about managing appointments, time, and solutions for them as well as their clients. They prefer to do these activities on-the-go, which will help them save time.

A mobile app will be a perfect solution to this problem. It will help employees of the law firm to manage time and appointments better. The could have a feature which will automatically update as soon as a client makes an appointment. Once the meeting is set, the app will help attorneys to remind the date and time via push notifications.

The app could also track the time a client spends with an attorney. Since most law firms bill their customers per hour, mobile apps for law firms will support the accounts department by calculating billable hours.

2. Easy Access to the Library and Case Files

Lawyers often refer to old cases and law books. Hence, easy access to these files in digital will help them to increase their productivity. Mobile apps for law firms help lawyers to refer to any of the previous case files or legislation at any time from anywhere. Mobile apps not only help them to access the data on-the-go but also helps them to access it faster because of the search functionality. Using it, lawyers can search a particular document by case number, dates, client names, and keywords. This functionality will save the time of attorneys and the time and money of their clients.

3. Replacing Physical Paperwork with Digital Paperwork

Paperwork is one of the most essential aspects of legal business. Every law firm is dealing with a massive amount of paperwork daily. The reason why they require mobile apps for law firms is that it will help them to organize and manage all the paperwork in digital space. While communicating with clients, lawyers often take notes which help them to understand the case better. Unlike physical records, mobile apps can help them to store such crucial information in one place they provide them accessibility whenever they require.

Despite digitizing most of the paperwork, there will be some processes which will repel digitization and generate physical papers instead. Therefore the app must have the functionality to scan documents and create a PDF. This feature will help attorneys and executives to make multiple copies of a document and save it on the cloud to prevent it from getting misplaced.

4. Effective Employee Communication

Communication in large law firms is done mostly by email or messaging tools such as skype. Having a functionality of billboard in the app will help employees to stay updated on the events happening within the organization.

External Benefits

5. Safer Communication with Clients

A crucial element between the relationship of client and attorney is “confidentiality.” Legal firms are obliged not to share the information about any client and protect their integrity at any cost. Since the communication between clients and attorneys has to be extremely confidential using third-party communication platforms such as Skype or email can be dangerous. However, the messages sent on both the platforms are encrypted end-to-end; it is better to use a custom chat platform to prevent hacking. A built-in chat in the mobile app will solve the problem of secure communication.

6. Mobile Source to Face the Law Lingos

Professional and experienced attorneys are trained to make clients feel comfortable in every meeting/communication. To do that, attorneys need to avoid as many law lingos in the conversation as possible. However, a fresher might not be able to do the same as the experienced one. Mobile apps can help clients to understand various lingos instantly. The app will consist of a ‘law dictionary,’ which will help them understand every law lingo on-the-go without needing an Internet connection.

7. Boost Productivity On-the-go with E-signatures

One of the contributions that attorneys demand from clients is to sign various documents on-time. Sometimes clients need to remain present at a specified location to sign the documents. On the other hand, some document signing will not require the physical presence of the client. In that case, mobile apps for law firms can speed up the process of signing and authentication.

8. Increase Customer Loyalty

Mobile apps for law firms help them to deliver excellent customers service and hence, increase their loyalty. The app can help you provide excellent service by providing them customized feature based on their requirement. Features such as automatic appointment scheduling, communication with chatbots, etc. can significantly boost customer experience.

9. Generate Referrals or Reviews

Online referrals are a great way to increase business. An app can help you do that effortlessly. All you need to do is market the referral program to your potential customers and let them know the perks of it. Mobile apps also offer a great way to collect reviews from past clients. You can feature a form open for all where any customer can provide reviews. Another way to collect reviews is by sending push notifications to the clients as soon as their service ends. This way, you’ll be able to collect more reviews and hence more reputation in the market.


The primary reason for the existence of mobile apps for law firms is to challenge the status quo by modernizing the daily operations of a law firm and enhance the client experience. As seen above, mobile apps can become a significant driver to increase the productivity of employees on allowing them to stay a bit more organized by tracking documents, appointments, and billable hours on-the-go. A mobile app will help you solve concerns of a client faster as they increase communication efficiency.

If you are looking to develop an application which has all the above features then hire our mobile and web developers now. To learn more about how else can you increase your productivity through a mobile app, contact our experts.

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