How to Make an On-demand App for Online Laundry Service?

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By: Sagar Sharma

How to Make an On-demand App for Online Laundry Service?

In recent years, the popularity of on-demand services has risen steeply among people all over the world. We can also say it as On-demand services have become an inseparable part of the daily lives of many people. Over the years the food and travel sectors witnessed immense growth in on-demand services but now the on-demand app for laundry service and cleaning is getting popular.

As people are busy with their tight schedule, they often have no time to spend on cleaning and laundry services at their home. Availing an on-demand app for online laundry service is gaining its popularity as this allows people to spend their time on other important activities.

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What is an On-demand Laundry Service App?

On-demand laundry service apps work as the mediator that connects customers with different laundry service providers available in the nearest locations. It makes washing services quick and convenient.

Usually, online laundry service apps are developed by either laundry service providers or enterprises (who wants to generate business by connecting the customers and laundry service providers).

It enables customers with the laundry pickup and drops facility at their doorstep on their preferred time. Rather than wasting time in mundane laundry activities, users can invest it doing something important and interesting things.

Why Online Laundry Service App are So Popular?

In today’s fast-paced world, working people find it extremely difficult to maintain their household work particularly on washing dishes and performing laundry activities. The online laundry service with the aid of mobile application was a fantastic idea that brings the laundry and cleaning solution right at the doorstep.

By using this on-demand laundry service app, people may get relieved from the hectic process of doing cleaning and washing clothes in-between their tight work schedule.

According to Statista, “By 2024, the global online on-demand laundry services market will amount to over 96 billion U.S. dollars.”

So, if you own a startup and looking to build your business in web app development then it’s the right time to invest in developing an on-demand app for laundry service.

Here in this article, we have elaborated on how to develop an on-demand laundry service app along with its benefits and must-have features.

Benefits of On-demand App For Laundry Service App

Take a look over the listed benefits one can avail by utilizing the online laundry service app. These benefits clearly show that the on-demand app for laundry service is not developed to assist only the people who can’t spend enough time cleaning and doing laundry at their house.

1. Laundry Service at Convenient

In today’s modern world, people prefer living as a nuclear family and seek all possible ways to enhance their monthly income. Owing to that, both partners prefer to work this makes them difficult to manage the household work properly.

An on-demand app for laundry service will ease the workload of both partners on managing their household activities, particularly on cleaning and washing clothes.

This on-demand laundry app allows professional cleaners to pick up and delivers the clothes after getting them washed and cleaned. Apart from that, this on-demand laundry service app offers a wide range of services for the convenience of its users to keep the app user-oriented.

2. Provides Safe Laundry Service

The world is currently facing a lockdown situation due to the spread of harmful coronavirus that causes COVID-19 disease all over the world. The On-demand App For Laundry Service ensures the safety of the users by keeping social distance and also skipping them to go outside of their house for cleaning and washing.

On-demand laundry app promotes professionals to take care of all those cleaning and washing activities with all the high possible safety features.

3. Promotes Laundries Based on Location

By using on-demand laundry service apps, users can be aware of the different laundries functioning around their living hood. Also, it triggers the users to pick the nearest laundry services and carry out the cleaning and clothes washing done quickly.

Apart from that, it helps local laundries to gain more visibility to the targeted audience. Laundry owners can promote their business via a fully-featured on-demand laundry service app.

4. Easy Management for Laundry Owners

On-demand laundry service app helps the laundry business owners to manage their business operation easily. The app manages every order with desired precision and allows owners to track their laundry business operation easily.

Apart from that, the on-demand app for online laundry service comes with a wide range of features including ‘My Earning’ where business owners can track their earning, and also users can track their referral earnings along with their reward points.

5. Acts as Revenue Generating Platform

The on-demand laundry service app can also be used as a platform where users can find different laundries at a place. This allows the app owner to generate revenue based on the order commission with the laundry service providers.

Also, the app can act as a revenue platform of users by allowing them to earn commission through referrals or earnings through reward points and so.

List of Top 5 Best Laundry Apps In Current Market

If you are planning to develop an on-demand app for laundry service, make sure you develop an app similar to the below-listed apps.

AppsKey FeaturesApp Store LinksPlay Store Link
  • Free laundry pick-up and delivery
  • Real-Time tracking of your laundry order through SMS
  • Set your washing and drying preferences
  • Set up a pickup and delivery time for your laundry
  • Select any additional laundry preferences
  • Hang dry options available for your delicate clothes
  • Door-to-door pickup and delivery
  • Personalized cleaning preferences
  • Convenient, cashless paymentli>
  • Schedule your pickup and delivery
  • Night and weekend delivery
  • Make online payment for your order
Tide Cleaners
  • Drop off your clothes at our 24/7 accessible locker
  • Get notified when your clothes are ready for pickup
  • Personalized washing and dry cleaning as per your specified preferences

1 – Cleanly


The app allows customers to place the orders between 7 a.m to 10 p.m. You can either stay home to deliver the laundry or you can leave your laundry bed outside your door. Cleanly uses separate begs for dry cleaning items and regular laundry.

The app allows users to ser their preferences for washing and drying in terms of detergent, softener, and temperature.

2 – FlyCleaners


FlyCleaers is the most convenient dry cleaning and laundry service provider in New York City. The app is quite easy to use. Sign up with the app and schedule your delivery time. The FlyGuy will arrive at your preferred location to pick up your clothes with dry cleaning beg or dress laundry.

The app allows you to set your references to take the benefit of personalized laundry services. Also, the user receives a notification when the order is completed. After that, you need to enter you convenient time to receive your cloths from the FyGuy at your doorstep.

3 – Rinse


Registered with the app and schedule a Rinse. Rinse valet picks up clothes and other laundry items from your doorstep. They have a tie-up with the local laundry service providers to accomplish your laundry order. The service providers clean the clothes and deliver them to your doorstep.

The Rinse valet arrives to pick up your laundry between 8-10 pm. The user will receive a reminder notification before 45 minutes of the pickup. When your order is complete, you will receive a text message to confirm the delivery.

4 – DRYV


DRYV allows you to schedule the time for order pick up. ADRYV driver will arrive at your preferred location on your defined time with laundry begs for you. From there, you can communicate any special requests and ask your queries as well as concerns about your order through the app.

You can check the status of your order using both mobile app or website. When your order is ready to be delivered, you will be informed through SMS text.

5 – Tide Cleaners

Tide Cleaners

Tide Cleaners is America’s #1 laundry brand that allows users for personalized services for washing, dry cleaning, folding, and alterations. Moreover, you can add your starch level and preferred detergent by entering the specific instructions. The brand has over 2000 locker locations across 15 cities including Washington D.C., Chicago, Dallas, and Atlanta.

How to Build an On-demand App for Laundry Service?

On-demand Laundry Service App Development Process

Just like developing a software application, the development of an On-demand laundry app involves several phases which are listed below.

1. Project Planning

It is the initial phase in which you need to plan things on how to implement your idea (on-demand app for laundry service). In this phase, you need to find answers for several questions like the purpose of the app, features of the app, app competitors, app’s unique functionalities, and so.

2. Budget

It is a phase where you have a better idea over your project requirements and starts to predict the estimated budget for developing your project (on-demand app for online laundry service). Here you need to be aware that the features you seek for your app plays a huge role in the app budget. Also, the pay for the developers creates an impact on your project budget.

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3. Market Analysis

After confirming your project idea and budget, you need to study the market over the demands for your projects. If there are any competitors for your project, then you need to study your competitors and make sure you are going to provide better service than your competitors with more advanced features. This phase ensures your business growth and revenue generation once it is launched.

4. Development

Well, it is the inevitable phase where you should hire a professional developer for developing your project (on-demand app for laundry service). Here you need to be aware that the pay scale of developers varies depending upon the region. Application developers from Asian countries charge much lower than the developers of western and European countries. Picking the right kind of developers will play a huge role in your project budget.

5. Launch

It is the final stage where you complete your project development (on-demand app for laundry service) and launch it on App Store or Google’s play store after creating enough publicity. Once it reaches target audiences and satisfies their needs, then your app popularity will start growing automatically with good ratings and reviews.

Essential Features For an On-demand Laundry Service App

The on-demand app for online laundry service that acts as a marketplace for different laundries comes with 4 components (Customer, Laundry Owner, Delivery, and Admin Panel). However, if you are developing a laundry app for a particular service provider means it will consist of 3 components where the admin panel and laundry owner components will merge.

UsersApp Features
  • Login
  • Search & Filter
  • Scheduling option for pick-up and delivery
  • Tracking
  • Order History
  • Offers & Discounts
  • Reviews & Ratings
  • Login
  • Order Details
  • Order Tracking
  • Statistics and Analytics
  • Calendar and Reminder
  • Revenue Management
  • Order History
Delivery Service Provider
  • Login
  • Order Lists
  • Order Tracking
  • Revenue Management
  • Login
  • Order Management
  • Tracking Orders
  • Reviews & Ratings
  • Revenue Management

Apart from those, make sure your on-demand laundry app contains an attractive dashboard, a user-friendly navigation system, multiple payment options, push notification, and cloud environment along with proper app optimization to gain a huge hit on the app store.

Estimated Cost for Building an On-demand App For Laundry Service

As far as our prediction, the approximate cost for building an effective on-demand app for online laundry service would cost around 16K USD. However, as we said before development cost and app features play a significant impact on reducing or raising the cost.


I hope the above-mentioned details briefed the complete story on how to develop an on-demand app for laundry service. It’s the right time to step into the on-demand app development process as the entire world is facing a lockdown situation due to the ongoing pandemic.

FAQs for On-demand App for Online Laundry Service?

1. Whether I should prefer Native App or Cross-Platform for developing on-demand laundry apps?

App Development purely depends upon the app requirement. However, preferring cross-platform will reduce significant app development costs, and also app maintaining would be easier.

2. How can I make money via an on-demand app for laundry service?

If you are running an aggregation model means you can earn by placing relevant ads on your app and by order commission.

3. How long will it take for developing a prolific on-demand app for laundry service?

It will take near about 4 months for completing the app development by a professional app developer.

4. How shall I raise funds for developing an online laundry app?

Well, you can prefer a Crowdfunding campaign, seeking angel investors or by approaching strategic partners for raising funds for developing an on-demand app for laundry service.

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