On Demand Tutor App Development - Why It is Must to Develop during pandemic?
By: Sagar Sharma

On Demand Tutor App Development – Why It is Must to Develop during pandemic?

Technology has given equal opportunity to all business sectors to gain the best out of its invention. Developers can create wonders with mobile app development that benefits businesses to a large extent. Now, we are experiencing COVID-19 which has put lakhs and lakhs of people’s lives to death and still under panic condition.

Educational sector has been affected due to lockdown severely. Educational institutions may not be able to conduct their regular classes until the COVID-19 condition clears down completely. To make this situation a good opportunity and provide technologically advanced training to your students, all educational institutions should prefer an on demand tutor app development. A tutor app development can adopt any kind of technology such as just a simple mobile app, virtual or augmented reality learning or e-learning platform with tutors instructing through videos.

On Demand Tutor App Development

As the name suggests, online tutor app development is nothing but developing a platform where students can clear their doubts by scheduling their meetings with qualified teachers. The basic functionality of the application resembles Uber, where people have the option to book a taxi by using the application according to their needs.

To create an educational app, you require the right developers or an on demand tutor app development company who might be having enough resources to give the app as quickly as possible. Now, this blog talks about recommendations of a dedicated e-learning app for start-up educational institutions who may want to retain their students and keep them engaged and knowledgeable till they get back to the pavilion.

A statistical survey says that during the period 2014–2019, the world has seen an annual growth of 6.9% in terms of revenue comparatively. Countries such as New York, Maryland, Arizona, Louisiana, and Florida have already enhanced their educational system through the e-learning platform and several other countries seem to join the community.

From this blog, as a developer or an entrepreneur, you can know how to create an educational app for Android and the benefits of tutor app development.

Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on educational institutions

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, billions of people are in a lockdown situation and the entire world is at some unhelpful condition. In the latest report released by UNESCO, it says that almost 1.3 billion learners are unable to continue with their education, as of March 23, 2020. This data includes pre-primary, primary, secondary, higher secondary and tertiary levels of education. This pandemic condition can do major harm or good to the education system throughout the world.

Though children get time to play, alternately, they lose concentration in their studies with the gap seen in education. Even parents are much worried about this condition. To fulfill the gap and keep them sharp and ready, institutions should adapt to demand tutor apps to teach their students through an e-learning platform.

Sources of online training to address these pandemic challenges

With online resources, you can learn anything from anywhere. Many countries across the world have started adapting to the following digital tools and resources that help you with making social distance learning possible and reliable.

  • Google Classroom: It helps in online teaching for students with sufficient materials and notes.
  • Blackboard: It provides the required resources and tools for quality education.
  • Moodle: It acts as a global supporter and an open e-learning platform.
  • Cell-Ed: It provides a learner-centered platform approach with offline learning options as well.
  • Eneza Education: It provides learning materials for phones with basic features.
  • Century Tech: It provides necessary materials for personal learning.
  • ClassDojo: It is an e-learning tool that connects with students and parents

Apart from the aforementioned resources, there are many self-directed learning applications that teaching staff or individual students can make use of.

  • Discovery education: It offers free lessons on virus outbreaks and impact according to school standard grades.
  • Byju’s: It is an easy learning tool for any type of learner.
  • Khan Academy: It is an e-learning application with access to individual tools for teachers and parents to monitor student’s progress.
  • One-course: This is a child-focused e-learning application.
  • Quizlet: It provides interesting learning through flashcards and games.
  • Geekie: This is the Portuguese language-based web portal that provides personalized education for teens and adults.

Here are the few additional tools that come with a variety of learning materials that can be helpful to the teachers to teach better.

  • Thinglink: With this tool, you can create multimedia resources
  • Buncee: You can create and share plenty of creative visual representation of what you wish to educate
  • Nearpod: It helps you create informative, infographic and interactive content
  • EdPuzzle: This tool helps you create video lessons

The aforementioned tools are neither dedicated nor customizable only for your educational institution, and your students may find it difficult to follow either. Hence, customized on demand tutor app development has to be adopted by every educational institution.

Key Features of an On Demand Tutoring App

  • Profile Setup
  • Scheduling of the Class
  • Payment Tracking
  • Easy Communication with Students
  • Registration
  • Search Filters
  • Course Registration
  • Price Estimation
  • Payment
  • Rating and Reviews

For Students and teacher/tutors

On-demand tutoring applications are rich in features to ensure a user-friendly experience. There are a number of basic as well as advanced features available both for the students and teachers.

Advanced Features of Educational Mobile App for Teachers

  • Profile Setup: Teachers need to register themselves in these particular platforms by providing the necessary inputs, such as experienced in the teaching field, specialized subjects, and so on.
  • Scheduling of the Class: Teachers will have the option to agree or disagree with the requests made by the students. They can also modify previously booked classes, change the timing of the classes as per the demand of the situation. Besides, from their accounts, they can create a class and notify the students about the same.
  • Payment Tracking: These applications have an exclusive feature for the teacher community to track their monthly income, and save them for future references.

Easy Communication with Students: These days, almost all popular educational mobile applications are offering the opportunity of easy communication of tutors with their respective students. It will help the tutors to increase their class strength, and in the long term, it leads to unprecedented growth in terms of the popularity of the tutor.

Advanced Features of Educational Mobile App for Students

The app features depend on your regular education system. Ensure that you develop features as per your regular pattern so that it resembles your original educational system that your students are used to. Anyhow, these are the common features that you can use to create an educational app. If you are an e-learning app developer, this is for you as well.

  • Registration: Registration ensures how many of your students are registering and contributing themselves to self-learning. You can also provide an option of registration through social media platforms.
  • Search filters: Search filters help students to categorize their courses or classes according to their subjects, duration, price, ranges, etc. You can even include personalized suggestions based on the student’s interests.
  • Course registration: This feature allows students to register for a particular course or book for a course with a live instructor. They can also request for a course that is not in schedule with the tutor and pre-book the same.
  • Price estimation: Some students may show interest in paid courses as well, so make sure that you have the pricing mentioned for a paid course.
  • Payment: Include payment gateways for students, via credit cards, debit cards, digital wallets, etc.
  • Ratings and reviews: This is important because it helps in improving and promoting your app among other students. Students can provide a rating for a course they attended or share their opinion about tutors in this feature.

Other advanced features that you can include in your app are premium benefits, download sessions, personalized recommendations, etc.

How to create an educational app for Android?

This section helps you with the stages involved in developing an educational app for any mobile or web-platform but when including the features, the entire framework may change. So, developers can go through these stages to do base work for creating an educational app.

1. Creating the script for app development

This stage decides how the app should work and include the essential functionalities of the app, the workflow process or framework, etc.

2. Finalizing the app features

Best features decide the scope and success of a particular app. The success scalability of your app depends on the features you build inside. You can adopt basic and advanced features to make your app more special.

3. Launching of the app

After developing the app, it has to undergo effective testing and finally, should be launched. If you have developed your app on different platforms such as Android, iOS, etc. then it is deployed at this stage.

How Does an On-Demand Tutoring App Work?

The online tutoring app is known for its systematic approach, which ultimately leads to a user-friendly experience for both the students and teachers. So, here let’s discuss the working mechanism of an online tutor app.

Initially, tutors are required to complete the registration process using either mobile or desktop-based applications. In the registration process, they are required to upload the necessary documents and the subjects that they are qualified to teach.

Once the admin panel verified the authenticity of the uploaded documents, the tutor became eligible to start teaching on the platform. The tutor can either accept or reject the requests received from the students. If the tutor accepts the request, the student needs to make the required payment immediately.

Once the payment part is done, the teacher can either conduct an online session, or directly visit the student’s residence by tracking through GPS present on the application, and carry out the classes.

After the compilation of the classes, students have the opportunity to rate the teachers based on their performance. A higher rating will improve the credibility of the tutor in the long term.

On Demand Tutor App Development: How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of online tutor app development varies from place to place and depends on the features that you are planning to provide.

However, it is always recommended to develop applications for both the Android and iOS platforms in order to drive more traffic. Opting for a single firm, which is specialized in developing applications for these two platforms is going to be significantly cheaper for an investor.

As the students are expected to carry out in-app transactions, you should go with the best in class security feature. Though it will initially cost you more, you can expect even a better return in the long run. Reliable security will prevent any sorts of a potential cyber attack like money laundering, and data leak.

Besides, you can build the trust of your customers with your platform. You can also showcase this particular feature extensively in the marketing phase.

The below-mentioned table can give you a rough estimation to develop an online tutoring app:

Type of firmsHourly rate
Small firm$25-$50
Medium-sized firm$50-$100
Big firm$100-$150

Usually, an on-demand tutor app with basic features costs your around $25,000-$28,000. But, if you want to develop an advanced app then the cost of an on-demand tutor app will vary and will depend on the features you want to add.

Its the right time to online tutor app as students are not allowed to go to schools, colleges, or other educational institutes. So, just embrace this opportunity to grow your business immensely.


We have mentioned the same thing in several of our blogs that mobile app development is always a boon and a very good investment. Especially, when it comes to on-demand tutor app development, with impressive videos and creativity, you can engage many students for effective learning of their choice.

Frequently asked questions about On Demand Tutor App Development

1. How to generate revenue by creating an educational app?

You can include in-app advertisements, i.e. allocating your web space to other businesses to play relevant ads according to the app you develop. It could be games, or e-books or anything related to your educational app or students.

Second, you can receive a commission from payments. This is possible if you are a business owner and do not create an educational app for your own. Whenever a student opts for a paid course, you receive a commission.
Third, subscription fees can get you revenue when a student opts for a premium subscription.

2. What are the benefits of tutor app development?

There are multiple benefits you possess through creating a tutor app.

  • You can develop your institution brand among your students
  • You can create any new feature that benefits students and communicate to them instantly
  • You generate revenue as mentioned previously through on demand tutor app development
  • You do not miss out on your regular activities with students and their parents and maintain that bond still

3. How much does it cost to develop a tutor app?

It all depends on the complexity of app features, user interface, and experience tools, application and software you use for frontend and backend development.

4. Why should I outsource my app development?

Because it may incur high cost and more time if you hire an individual developer and create your app and outsourcing company has all resources readily available, it makes your job easy.

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