On-Demand Dog Walking App Development

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By: Sagar Sharma

On-Demand Dog Walking App Development: How to Develop a Dog Walking App?

Dog walking services have a huge demand since the majority of the people in the world grow dogs as pets and treat them like family. Dog caring is not an easy job and controlling and taking them for a walk, especially for people in old ages, is highly difficult.

In a way to help pet care owners take better care of their beloved dogs, dog-walking app development goes on demand. For the benefit of developers, this blog serves as a guide for on-demand dog walking app development.

Table of Content

  • How Does An On-demand Dog Walking App Work?
  • Current Market Values Of On-demand Dog Walking Apps
  • How to Create An On-demand Dog Walking App?
  • Must-Have Features of an On-demand Dog Walking App
  • Core Components of On-demand Dog Walking App
  • Top 8 Best On-demand Dog Walking Apps for Dog Lovers in 2020!!!
  • How Much Does It Cost to Make an On-demand Dog Walking App?

How Does An On-demand Dog Walking App Work?

A dog walking app allows pet owners to include detailed notes about their dogs, mainly on vets and medications, harness, collars, etc.

The on-demand dog walking app works in a wonderful way that users after registering can book a walk or check whether a nearby dog walker is available to take care of the dog in cases where the pet owners could not deal with the same. Uber’s X dog walking model has made it easier for pet owners and dog walkers as well.

More than the service motto, a dog walking app helps dog walkers to earn good money as well as spend time hanging out with dogs. Therefore, on-demand dog walking app development can be ideal for both dog walkers and pet owners.

Current Market Values Of On-demand Dog Walking Apps

According to a survey report, the average industry growth of on-demand dog walking app development has increased to 3.2% between 2015 and 2020. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that Americans own more pets than any other country in history. Therefore, around 188 million pets have occupied the houses of more than three-quarters of US households, which should be noted.

If you look at the amount that pet owners spend in taking care of dogs in all aspects come close to $70 billion mostly on pet-related products and services. Keeping these factors in mind, the prediction of dog walking services for the next five years will definitely increase.

How to Create An On-demand Dog Walking App?

How to Create An On-demand Dog Walking App

To create a dog walking app, as a developer you need to follow certain steps and implement them with great effort. The following steps can be a simple and step-by-step guide towards on-demand dog walking app development.

1: Develop a solid business plan

Know the dog walking process completely and make a solid business plan before you intend to develop a dog walking app. Know who your clients are and then keep your step forward into the app development. Get some suggestions from industry experts and also from other on-demand apps with a shared economy such as food delivery, taxi booking, and similar apps.

2: Keep an estimation of your potential earnings and revenue

Pre-calculation of your potential earnings and revenue after your dog walking app goes live is always good, since you can be well-prepared to manage your profits and losses in good/bad times. If you are running the operation by yourself, then you should consider the overall costs of your dog walking app development, trademarks registration, filing of licenses, and administering your clientele using a mobile app.

3: Diversification and employees

If you want to grow online, think of the expenses you should be bearing in terms of hiring new employees, since branching out can be a little hefty but beneficial as well. Moreover, going online involves more expenses for promotions and publicity. Therefore be ready to accept such expenses you may incur and plan for expansions.

4: Market research

This plays the foremost role in any on-demand app development for that case. You should do intensive research on the current competition both locally and nationally. Some questions mentioned here can help you with the best research.

  • Are there any individuals competing in your area for your business idea? If so, try to understand how they manage and operate successfully.
  • How much does your competitor charge the pet owners for dog walking services?
  • Is there a contract to be signed or it is a one-time service?
  • Does your competitor have an office locally for dog walking services or do they operate online as well across locations?
  • What techniques did your competitors follow to reach their target audience?
  • What promotional strategies did they follow?
  • Do they provide additional services like dog sitting and dog cleaning after walks?
  • How good are the apps of your competitors and what can you additionally add to them?
  • Which social media marketing platform is your competitors promoting their brand/app?

5: Launch your marketing campaigns

Once you have crystal clear information and analysis of how your competitors are performing in the market and what features they have in the app, it is your time to build buyer personas for your app and focus on your target audience considering several factors that will influence them towards your dog walking app.

Organize third-party based social media campaigns since the dog walking app could be a common requirement to man people, and you never know how many of them actually have dogs.

6: Make blogs and social media to your comfort

Use social media and blogging to your extreme advantage and know people’s interest in the dog walking business. Use powerful social media platforms and share photos and videos of the services you provide in your on-demand dog walking app to your potential customers and create user engagement.

These are the simple steps that you can follow to create a dog walking app, but make sure it does not go wrong while implementing any of the processes.

Must-Have Features of an On-demand Dog Walking App

Must-Have Features of an On-demand Dog Walking App

Dog walking services are quite common and popular in the USA since the majority of the population grow dogs as pets. The necessity of dog walking app development comes in place when pet owners leave their house for some days and no one is available to take care of their dogs. Knowing this need, few companies developed a dog walking app, which is in high usage.

If you are a developer and wish to create a dog walking app, these are the must-have features you should add in your app.

1: GPS tracking

This feature is an excellent option for dog owners to track their dogs while walking. Owners stay away from day-time worries by tracking the movement of their dog right from the place they are. Additionally, if you can include the dog’s live walk feature to your app, it adds more value to it.

2: Feedback

The review/rating feature can work both ways. One is for users to rate your app and provide genuine feedback and the other one is for users to look at the review of the app and use it. You should provide users an option to link their social media accounts and post the review about your service. In one way it helps you get new pet owners on to the app.

3: Login with social media

Make the sign-in process too simple and smooth to your users, so they do not spend much time with the login. Enable high-level security to their personal details, since data is more sensitive than that of other factors. Provide them two flexible login options through a social media account or with their email credentials.

4: In-app payment

You should be able to provide multiple payment options such as credit card, debit card, PayPal, bank wire, and wallet payments and make it convenient and easy for users to pay as per the mode of option available with them. This facility helps both pet owners and pet sitters with a high level of convenience.

5: In-app message

The in-app message feature enables conversation through chat between pet owners and pet sitters, in order to create trust in pet sitters. It becomes an easy platform for pet owners to clarify their doubts and ask any questions, say their concerns, or talk about their dog’s behavior and about the service as well, before booking the dog-walking service with pet sitters.

With these premium features, your dog walking app should prominently gain a competitive edge over the existing app. Moreover, when it comes to on-demand dog walking app development, there are certain other features such as finding a dog walker, security to pets, etc. should be included as well.

Core Components of On-demand Dog Walking App

Core Components of On-demand Dog Walking App

However, a basic on-demand dog walking app consists of 3 main components.

  • Customer’s App
  • Dog Walker’s App
  • Admin

App UsersApp Features
  • Search & Filters
  • Profile
  • Option to Upload Photos
  • Tracking
  • Reports
Dog Walker
  • Profile Creation
  • Accept/Reject Option
  • Scheduling Option
  • Customer & Walker Management
  • Job Allocating Settings
  • Viewing Reports/Reviews
  • Payment Management

1. Customer’s App:

Here are a few vital features that every top dog walking app includes under its customer’s component.

  • Search & Filters
  • Profile
  • Option to Upload Photos
  • Tracking
  • Reports

2. Dog Walker’s App

Here are the lists of few top features that every dog walking app must have under its Dog Walker’s component.

  • Profile Creation
  • Accept/Reject Option
  • Scheduling Option

3. Admin

Here are the lists that every dog walking app has under its Admin component

  • Customer & Walker Management
  • Job Allocating Settings
  • Viewing Reports/Reviews
  • Payment Management

Refer to your competitor apps and create a dog walking app with more unique features that serve more than your competitor apps. Anyhow, you should carry out intensive research upon several factors that may add value/impact your dog walking service business and then make certain about features to be included.

Top 8 Best On-demand Dog Walking Apps for Dog Lovers in 2020!!!

Dog’s are the best friend of the Man’s. It is quite difficult to disagree with such a statement. The popularity of the dog-walking applications is on its hype. As per American Pet product Associations, Americans have spent more than $23.04 billion on pet’s food.

The majority of the folks don’t have a significant amount of time to take care of their beloved god. Therefore, a dog walking application is the right solution for them. If you are also searching for the best Dog walking application, then you should read the following paragraphs carefully.

AppsKey FeaturesApp Store LinkPlay Store Link
Host a Pet
  • Pet Training
  • Pet Transportation
  • Day Care
  • In-app messaging
  • GPS Tracking
  • Dog Training
  • Instant Alerts
  • Daycare Reports
  • Experienced Caregivers
  • Social Media Support
  • ID Verification
  • Real-time Tracking
Fetch! Pet Care
  • Free in-home consultation
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Fixed Standard Rates
  • House Sitting
  • Sublet
  • Day Care
  • Boarding
  • Option to post a job
  • Instant Notification
  • Background checks
  • Direct Message to sitters
  • Insurance coverage
  • 24/7 Support
  • Public Reviews
  • Quick Messaging Services

1. Host a Pet

When it comes to a great dog walking app, then Host a Pet is a first name that comes in our mind. They are offering a variety of great services that include lie daycare, walks, training, transportation, boarding, and others. This platform is featuring a premium coverage plan that will protect the client’s pet and hosts.

Just in case any kind of accident happened while working, then you will able to get reimbursement up to $1000. If you are becoming a pet site with the host a pet, then you will surely be able to get $15 to $18 per hour. If you are using a host a pet then you can access the following features-

Key Features:

  • You can browse the profiles of the different kinds of pet hosts.
  • A person can receive the videos & pictures of the dogs or cats at least 3 times a day.
  • You will get 24×7 customer service.

2. Wag

Nothing is better than Wag that is sharing a considerable amount of similarities with the rover. They are featuring the best services like boarding’s, sittings, daycare, and drop-ins. The company has already introduced a variety of great safety features like WAG Tag that is considered a smarter dog.

This application is available for Android and IOS. They are paying $13 to $17 per hour. When you are using Wag then you can do the following things

Key Features:

  • Track the Live Dog’s walk
  • Quick pictures of the Dog’s Live Walk
  • Enable the pet owners to write testimonials for the Dog walkers

3. Rover

If you are looking for the best dog walking application, then you should opt for Rover that was founded in 2011. This platform has already reached milestones. It comes with one of the best communities of the Petsitters.

It is really a great application that is recommended to the established and beginner pet sitters. They are also providing training for pet sitters. You will able to earn money with dog boarding, doggy daycare, house sitting & drop-in visits. You can earn $1000 per month with Rover.

Key Features:

  • Rover is working with Rover cards.
  • It will enable the owners to track and share important details regarding Pee, poo, and water activity.

4. PetBacker

The popularity of the PetBacker is on its hype. It is considered one of the great dog walking job applications. They are offering a variety of services like pet sitting, dog walking, pet boarding, pet daycare, dog walking, and pet grooming as well.

Nothing is better than PetBacker when it comes to offering a better environment for pet owners to look to hire a pet sitter, groomer, or dog walker with full safety features. It is proven to be a great pet care application that allows pet owners to share their pet photos and to allow them to hire a trusted sitter for their pets.

With the intention of creating a community for pet owners and for sitters who look for pet sitting jobs in major cities, the app allows both owners and sitters to communicate without sharing their phone numbers to protect their privacy until the owner hires a pet sitter.

Key Features:

  • Supervise the Dog walk
  • Get the pictures of the dog instantly
  • Comes with premium insurance coverage
  • 100% Reservation Guarantee
  • Free Cost Estimates
  • Safe Community for Pet Lovers

5. Fetch! Pet Care

A variety of great Dog walking applications are out there, and Fetch! Pet Care is one of them. This application was founded in 2002. It is a particular application that is serving the pet parents, pes, and pet sitters.

To become a professional sitter with Fetch, then it doesn’t require any professional training. They are offering a variety of great services like cat playtime, puppy care, dog walk in a variety of locations. If you are a beginner pet sitter, then you should opt for the Fetch! Pet care. If you are becoming a pet sitter with the Fetch, then you can also earn $9 to $10 per hour.

Key Features:

  • Review the information on pet
  • Communicate with beloved clients
  • Send the messages and pictures to clients

6. PetSitters.care

Nothing is better than PetSitters.care that is considered one of the great self-service agencies. They aren’t offering the insurance, run the background checks. Any person will be able to register on the website. You will have to read the issues and get prepared for the problems that are coming your way. It is one of the great platforms that is already creating lots of opportunities for the pet sitters that are living in smaller towns and rural areas.

They are offering a variety of great services like dog sitting, cat sitting, pet boarding, pet grooming, and others. If you want to use such an incredible application, then you should be 13 years old. You will be able to earn $15 – $40 per day. This particular app is incorporated with the following features

Key Features:

  • Great GPS reporting
  • Bulk Email
  • Comprehensive list of the client

7. Sittercity

If you are looking for a great dog walking application, then you should opt for Sittercity that will be able to create a variety of caregiver profiles. It is a particular platform that doesn’t run any kind of background checks on all the sitters-to-b automatically.

On the profile, a particular badge will surely appear to show the status. This particular platform has already created the guideline on how to create an interesting profile. A pet sitter will be able to earn $8 to $11 per hour.

Key Features:

  • Option to create profiles
  • Background check
  • Neighborhood check

8. PawShake

One of the popular names among pet owners. The app allows pet owners to hire reliable pet sitters. The PawShake app starts offering its services right from the year 2013. Unlike other pet care or pet sitter finding apps, the PawShake accepts caretaker only after running a professional background check.

Because of that, the reliability factor is high on the PawShake app when compared with several other pet care apps. Both pet owners and pet caretakers are able to avail of 24/7 professional customer care support from the app which is hard to find among other pet care applications.

Key Features:

  • Comes with insurance coverage while booking
  • Background check for a pet caretaker
  • Reviews on pet caretakers
  • Messaging services between pet owners and pet caretakers

These are some on-demand dog walking app development companies that are offering a considerable amount of benefits to dog owners. In case you are searching for the best dog walking application, then you should check this list.

Before creating an account on any application, you should pay close attention to the features. Make sure that you are choosing the best application where you will be able to earn a decent amount of money. These are really great applications for supervising the overall fitness of the Dog.

How Much Does It Cost to Make an On-demand Dog Walking App?

The time and cost involved in an on-demand dog walking app development totally depend on the customized features you wish to implement in the dog walking app. If you plan for simple app development with minimal features, it may not take much time. But considering the present competition if you wish to add more customized features, then it may take up to 3 or 4 months solid.

For example, you can calculate the dog walking app development cost as below:

The time required to develop the app X Developer’s hourly charges = The dog walking app development cost.

There are several ways to develop an on-demand app like dog walking. Moreover, there are different dog walking services’ models available in the market like a clone app, which you can make use of. Otherwise, you can hire a developer dedicatedly for your dog walking app development and get it done. You can also approach an app development company with prior experience in relevance.

Depending on your budget, you can prefer any suitable app development method.


The on-demand dog walking app development is on the brighter side since many pet lovers find it difficult to take care of their dogs. In a way, it benefits dog walkers with creating employment at good earnings, and at the same time, the pet owners as well. If you have plans to create a dog walking app after reading this blog, get in touch with an expert developer/company that has already worked on it.

Frequently asked questions

1. What do I require to start a dog walking business?

Here are the simple steps you can follow to begin with your dog walking business:

  • Ensure a perfect business plan and decide on what kind of services you wish to bring into your dog walking business.
  • Get the necessary resources for your business by allocating a certain amount of budget towards it.
  • Apply for licensing, insurance, and get the necessary documents done.
  • Focus on dog walking app development and a website.
  • Choose your app promoting channel and start your business.

2. How profitable is the dog walking business?

With the increase in the number of dogs in the households of Americans, the dog walking service business is expected to double the improvement it has shown in the past five years. Making proper strategies and effective marketing, it is possible for you to make the most out of this on-demand dog walking app and gain profits.

3. How to create a dog walking app?

Creating a dog walking app involves plenty of steps and unless you are on the development side, it is crucial for you to understand technically how it works. If your idea is great, you can put it to a Dog Walking App Development Company or hire an app developer exclusively for your app, and get it done.

4. Which is the best-A cloning dog walking app or a newly developed one?

A cloned app can save your time, cost, and effort you put in an on-demand dog walking app development, whereas a newly developed one can take more time than a cloning one since you add customized features. But you can go for a clone app and customize it further accordingly, which should be cost-effective.

5. List a few Top on-demand dog walking apps that exist in the market?

There are many on-demand go walking apps available in the market, but these four apps are pretty well used by pet lovers.

  • Wag
  • Rover
  • Pawshake
  • PetBacker

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