12 React JS Components and Libraries to Learn

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By: Manish Shewaramani

Top 12 React JS Components and Libraries Every React JS Developer Must Know

React JS is one of the most prevalent front-end frameworks. Whether you are a team leader or a developer, If you’re working with React JS, you must be aware of these React JS components.

As a developer, it is one’s responsibility to keep himself/herself updated with the latest tech trends and practices. One must continuously learn and try to adjust to the ever-changing development environment.

If you’re a JavaScript pro or want to become a pro and React is your primary concentration, then these React JS components will help you stay ahead in the game of React JS development.

Top 12 React JS components you should know

#1 Create React App

Create React App is a Command-Line Interface (CLI) built by Facebook developers and programmers that helps you to create a React JS project in no time.

It creates structures of files and catalogs, includes tools that are required at the inception and helps you to build, test, and deploy your application.

Looking at its properties, it seems like a must-have for every React application. It helps you to save the time that is often spent by developers in manual configuration and setup of the mobile and web applications.

All a developer has to do is to run a command, and ‘Create React App’ will take care of everything.

#2 Material UI

Despite being an initial property of Facebook, Material UI is a component designed by Google. Material UI is so popular that it is mentioned in several blogs and is recommended by thousands of developers.

It also has 36,000 + stars on GitHub, making it one of the most popular UI packages among all React JS components on GitHub.

Material UI is famous because it is eye-catching, simple, user-friendly, and light-weight. It has been in the GitHub for around two years now and thanks to the active community of developers who provides regular updates, it has not lost its popularity.

#3 Styled Components

If you want to organize your React JS project, then Styled Components, which is a CSS tool, will help you to do it. It is one of those React JS components that help you build small and reusable components that provide “look” to your application.

Unlike traditional CSS, it prevents you from overwriting selectors used in different places of a website accidentally. It does that by using the components directly inside your components.

#4 MobX

MobX is a state management solution. It was created to make it impossible to develop a messy state and therefore, create a bug-packed application.

Contrasting with other libraries, which focuses on preventing developers from modifying the state, MobX makes sure that everything is extracted easily and automatically.

#5 Enzyme

Is testing React JS components a pain for you? Then Enzyme is the perfect library for you. A team of Airbnb engineers created this library in 2015.

This tool was built to be intuitive in use and easy to assert, transverse, and manipulate the out of React JS components.

#6 Redux

Similar to MobX, Redux is also a state management solution for JS applications. Although it is often seen used with React JS, it can also be used with other front-end frameworks like React.

Because of Redux, the need for using props or callbacks gets eliminated. It can do this because Redux connects every component directly to the entire state.

#7 React Virtualized

If you are want to improve the efficiency of the rendering of tabular data and large lists, then React Virtualize library can help you achieve that.

It restricts the number of DOM elements and requests and improves the overall performance of a React application. There are several other tools on GitHub that do the same job as React Virtualized, but none of them offers the number of functionalities as much as it.

#8 Redux Form

Redux Form is a set of reducers or action creators, which makes it easier to implement tailored complex forms. It was specially designed to function with Redux.

Compared to other tools, Redux Form is a relatively well-performing and straightforward solution. One can still write components and forms by themselves, which proves that it still provides you enough flexibility.

#9 React DnD

React DnD is a library used to develop complicated drag and drop interfaces. Unlike most of the drag and drop libraries, React DnD is built on modern HTML5 API. One of the major drawbacks of React DnD is that it is not compatible with touchscreens.

#10 React Intl

Every programming language has different conventions and rules. In international projects, adopting those differences can be tough at times, which is the reason why React Intl was built.

It is an opensource child of Yahoo, which was designed to make internationalization as simple as possible. It includes ready-to-use API to format dates, strings, handle pluralization and numbers.

#11 Onsen UI for React

It is a mobile UI library built with JavaScript and markup language that integrates with React JS. This library is widely used by people who are looking to create stunning UI for their Android and iOS apps.

The USP of this library is that it is also compatible with other front-end frameworks such as Vue JS and Angular JS.

#12 React MD

It is one of those React JS libraries that helps you to create a material design, which is fully accessible. It is simpler to create custom React JS components using the existing style as it supports the division of styles in Sass instead of inline styles.


Besides these, there are tons of other React JS components or libraries on GitHub that are worth using. Your decision to use a particular library depends on your project’s requirements.

One of the key aspects you should take care while choosing the appropriate library for your project will be checking if it is being updated on a regular basis.

At Credencys, you can hire React JS developers who know every library necessary to keep your project up and running in this competitive market.

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