15 (Highest Grossing) Best Apps for Book Lovers In 2020

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By: Sagar Sharma

15 (Highest Grossing) Best Apps for Book Lovers

It is quite tricky for a voracious book reader to carry their favorite books with them all the time. This shift to a mobile-focused world is affecting customers from all walks of life.

Book lovers have started to pick up their iPads, smartphones, and Kindle readers to read books rather than picking up physical books. According to Statista, in 2018, a quarter of Americans have read an e-book rather than a hardcopy.

Apps for book lovers are getting more and more popular every day.


More convenient, technological benefits, i.e., built-in dictionary, digital bookmarking, etc., can convert an e-book into an audiobook with a simple text-to-speech, and more.

In this article, you’ll find a list of 15 best apps for book lovers from which you can get inspired to create an app like Kindle or Audible or Goodreads.

Best Apps for Book Lovers

  • Wattpad
  • Amazon Kindle
  • Audible
  • OverDrive
  • Goodreads
  • Inkitt
  • Blinkist
  • Comixology
  • Marvin 3
  • Leio
  • Epic!
  • Scribd
  • Serial Reader
  • Litsy
  • Aldiko

#1 Wattpad – A Social Storytelling Platform


Wattpad is one of the best apps for book lovers. It connects over 80 million readers across the globe. It connects writers from all over the world to its readers directly.

This platform allows you to not only read original stories but also provides a platform to write your stories and share them with the world.

Moreover, it also has collaboration with popular video sharing platforms like Hulu and Netflix that provides you a platform to convert your stories into movies and tv shows.

#2 Amazon Kindle – An e-book reader and store

Amazon Kindle

Amazon offers Kindle devices that provide readers a real book reading experience. However, Amazon also provides a Kindle app for its readers that provides a similar reading experience to the readers like a Kindle device.

Here, you can not only read books but also purchase books at a cheaper rate than a hardcover or a paperback book. Features such as Whispersync, X-ray, and Dark mode makes it one of the best apps for book lovers.

#3 Audible – The Largest Platform for Audio Books


Audible is one of the best and largest platforms for people who can’t read or don’t like to read. It has one of the most significant collections of audiobooks.

It offers subscription-based services where you need to purchase a pack and listen to some of the most compelling stories. Since it is an Amazon company, one can access it via Alexa and Echo devices.

#4 OverDrive – An On-the-go Library


OverDrive has access to over 30,000 libraries across the world. You can create your library using the app. It allows you to purchase and rent e-books and audiobooks.

You can create wishlists, place holds, and return the titles in a jiffy. Once your account has been created, you can build a library of your own and access it from any mobile device.

#5 Goodreads – The Largest Community of Book Lovers


Goodreads is a platform that connects all the readers across the world. You can read and write book reviews, get book recommendations, save your favorite genre/books/authors, and more.

You can participate in various reading challenges and win prizes. You can connect with any of the Goodreads account holders and share experiences. Moreover, you can also see what your friends are reading.

#6 Inkitt – A Free App to Read Novels


Inkitt has a collection of thousands of fiction, non-fiction, drama, sci-fi, thriller, action, adventure, erotica, and poetry collection of novels. It allows you to download books for free from its collection.

Once you download the book, you can read it offline whenever you want. It also provides multiple fonts options and dark mode to make reading more engaging.

#7 Blinkist – An App for Readers Who Don’t Have Time


The USP of the Blinkist app is that it converts the key idea of books into a 15-minute explanation. You can either listen to the audio or read the miniature description of over 3000 non-fiction novels.

The app allows users to create personalized playlists and download the audio so that they can listen to them offline. The app also suggests titles based on user preferences and listening history.

#8 ComiXology – An App for Comic Book Lovers


ComiXology is an app that holds a collection of over 100,000 graphic novels and manga from DC, Marvel, Image, and more. ComiXology offers subscription-based services.

It allows you to create your library where you can store and download as many graphics novels and manga as you want. It provides immersive reading experience through its cinematic guided view.

#9 Marvin 3 – A DRM-free E-book Reader App

Marvin 3

Marvin is a personalized and customizable e-book and comic book reader for your DRM-free files. It can also read CBR and CBX comics along with DRM-free EPUB books.

Marvin 3 allows you to adjust UI, light and dark adjustments, highlight sentences, and export e-books to Dropbox, iCloud, etc., and more. It is integrated with Goodreads, which is more known to many users.

#10 Leio – A Reading Planning and Tracking App


The app is a digital journal that allows you to manage and track your reading. You can use this app with physical books as well as e-book readers like Kindle.

You can set goals and receive achievements whenever you finish the goal. It is one of the best apps for book lovers because it shows you various statistics such as read time, pages left, pages read, and more.

#11 Epic! – Best Books App for Kids


Epic holds a collection of record-breaking 35,000 high-quality e-books, videos, audiobooks, and quizzes for the children aged 12 or less. It is a two in one app for home use and educators.

The user interface of Epic is quite colorful and kid-friendly. An educator can create classrooms and save money to hire an actual classroom. Hence, it is also one of the best apps for book lovers.

#12 Scribd – One of the Best Subscription-based Apps for Book Lovers


Scribd is a silicon valley-based startup that offers a subscription-based service model, similar to Amazon Kindle and Audible. In addition to millions of books, one can also read articles from the NewYork Times and NPR, and more.

With Scribd, you can download unlimited e-books and listen to audiobooks. Moreover, while listening to an audiobook, you can adjust the narration speed, add sleep timer, and download the audio to listen offline.

Apart from this, it has all the options to customize fonts, background color, etc. similar to other e-book readers, which makes it one of the best app for book lovers.

#13 Serial Reader – An App for Bite-sized Reading

Serial Reader

Serial Reader is an app preferred by users who do not have much time to read or the ones who cannot read for long. It converts classic books into 20-minutes read snippets.

The app allows you to sync your reading with a Goodreads account as well as across multiple devices that you use. There are hundreds of classic e-books in Serial Reader.

#14 Litsy – A Social Media App for Book Lovers


Litsy is a social media of book lovers. The app allows you to create groups and share your book reading experience with your friends and family. Here you can also discover books that you would love to read.

It is one of a kind app that allows you to post reviews of any books that you’ve read and allows you to add various hashtags to help more people outside your community.

#15 Aldiko – One of the Best Book Reader Apps for Book Lovers


Aldiko is an e-book reader app that allows you to read books available in formats like EPUB, PDF, Adobe DRM format, and more. You can adjust fonts, font-size, background color, brightness, sleep timer, etc. using the app.

The reason why it is one of the best apps for book lovers is that it has one of the largest collection of free e-books. It has an advanced library management system, a user-friendly interface, and a built-in dictionary to search for words.

Final Thoughts

At Credencys, we have definitive experience of developing the best apps for book lovers. If you have an app idea or want to develop an app like one of the above, or want support for your existing book app, contact our mobile app development experts to get the best consulting in the industry.

Best Apps for Book Lovers – General FAQs

1) How much does it cost to build an app like Goodreads?

Generally, it takes around 200-300 hours of development and 100 hours of designing to build an app like Goodreads. If you choose Credencys for mobile app development, it will cost you approximately $15,000-$30,000.

2) Which apps are good for keeping track of books read?

Google Sheets, Goodreads, Libib, Litsy, LibraryThing, etc. are some of the best apps for book lovers to keep track of your book reading.

3) Which is the best firm for books app development?

Credencys has extensive experience in developing mobile apps for over a decade now. It follows Agile methodologies to build mobile apps at a reasonable price. Hence, it is the best mobile app development company.

4) Apart from these apps, are there any useful apps for book lovers?

We Read Too, Shelfie, Poetry, Simple Book Catalog, Storyville, Kobo, Moon + Reader, Libib, The Pickle Index, Serial Box, Pocket, Gerty, The Paris Review, Indigo, etc. are some of the best apps for book lovers.

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