Top 10 Challenges Faced by iOS Developers while Developing iPhone Apps

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By: Sagar Sharma

Top 10 Challenges Faced by iOS Developers while Developing iPhone Apps

Since its inception in 2007, Apple has always stood apart from other mobile app development platforms. They build devices for a class, not for a mass. And, this is the main reason Apple users love to use iPhones. To meet the expectations of users, the company keeps launching new iPhone devices by incorporating the latest and innovative technologies.

It’s quite exciting for users to get access to advanced tools and technologies. But, it is not a smooth journey for iOS developers to build apps using continuous innovation offered by Apple. They came across varied challenges while adopting new trends and technologies for iPhone app development.

In order to launch an app successfully on App Store, iPhone developers have to overcome the different challenges through their technical skills and industry-wide experience.

Top 10 Challenges Encountered by iOS Developers with Apple’s Technical Innovations

#1. App Compatibility with Different iOS Versions & Devices

Apple releases the new iOS version every year. The company launched iOS 12 on 17th September 2018 and is all set to roll out iOS 13 in June 2019. Every version comes with more or less technical advancements so iPhone developers need to update the apps to match upgraded standards of the latest version. Adoption of the newer iOS version helps you to bring more users on board.

It is very important that the app runs seamlessly across the different Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod. The developers have to choose from a number of iOS gadgets to test the app compatibility, detect issues and address them in time.

The company stopped providing support for 32-bit technology and has moved to 62-bit technology.

The developers have to optimize their older mobile applications and make them compatible with the latest technology.

#2. Overcoming Storage, Memory & Performance Limitations

iPhone devices do not come with the garbage collection function. The app can be terminated if it becomes a source control. Thus, it is a challenge for the iPhone app development company to manage memory within the app.

While developing an app for a specific version of iOS, we cannot forget that same version runs varied iPhone devices and all of them are having a different degree of storage and memory. There are apps and games that consume a lot of space. Users are not able to operate those apps or games, though the phones support the latest version.

iPhone apps that consume a lot of memory and storage space gives the worst performance. So, developers need to be very careful about what an app demands in order to build a performance-driven application.

#3. Simulating Low-speed Network Connectivity

With poor network connectivity, it will be a challenge to integrate and run videos and other live streaming services. These rich media consume a lot of data. Your internet connectivity may differ from your users’ network condition. So, it is very important for an iOS app to pass the test performed by the Network Link Conditioner. It helps iOS developers simulate not up to the mark networks.

#4. Poor Beta Testing

Beta Testing is an integral part of Apple’s app launch strategy. It allows developers to test the iPhone application before it goes live on the App Store. Beta users check the app’s functionality and identify possible breakdown, bugs, faulty architecture, and issues. iPhone developers can recognize the possible failure in advance, receive valuable feedback and remove or fix bugs before the app launch.

#5. UI/UX Design

Due to superior user experience and clean design concept, most of the users opt for iOS applications. While developing an iPhone app, developers have to keep the end users in mind. They need to make sure the UI contains only essential features and functions in order to create a user-friendly process flow. While creating UI/UX for an app, designers should consider the latest design trends such as flat, material, and anthropomorphic in order to create an interactive and intuitive interface.

#6. Poor Battery Life

If an app drains a lot of battery, users will uninstall it no matter how good an application is. iOS developers need to make sure that the app doesn’t suck battery life and runs effectively in the background by avoiding unnecessary processes. They need to optimize the app and avoid to use too many exhausting features in order to reduce battery consumption. However, it is not as easy as said. Large scale organizations are also struggling to ensure their apps are battery friendly.

#7. App Security

App security should not be compromised while developing iPhone apps. It is the prime responsibility of iPhone developers to use proper data encryption in order to protect the app’s data from hackers and vulnerabilities. Developers can avoid the data breach by developing advanced technical security layers. Well, it is defiantly a challenging job for them.

#8. App Store Approval

There are 1.8 million apps available on Apple’s App Store as of the first quarter of 2019. But getting your app live on App Store is one of the biggest challenges as Apple rejects the apps because of a simple rule violation. Moreover, the tech giant keeps updating iOS app development guidelines on a frequent basis. To give a green single to an app, App Store takes minimum 4 days.

iOS developers have to be familiar with the latest App Store guidelines in order to get approval from the App Store in one go and launch a successful app. They have to keep updating their knowledge about Apple’s latest standards of app content code, completeness, metadata, intellectual property rights, developer information, etc.

#9. Cross-Platform App

There is a class of users who do not only operate through smartphones, they use different operating systems too such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. The target audience preferred to access those apps that can be synchronized on desktops, laptops, phones, and tablets so they operate the app from any of the devices as per their convenience.

#10. Future- proofing of the App

Future proof iOS app development is quite difficult. To build such apps, the developers must know about the upcoming innovation of Apple in advanced. This is somewhat an unpredictable task. But experienced iOS developers can get insights about the forthcoming releases in an iOS version by analyzing Apple’s line of products and thinking.

How iOS Developers of Credencys Deal with iPhone App Development Challenges?

iPhone app development is getting difficult with each new update released by Apple every year. Make sure you hire iOS developers who can effectively overcome from all the above listed challenges using their hands-on experience of launching apps successfully on the App Store.

Having proven expertise to address the above challenges, Credencys helps you in developing a robust, secure and custom iPhone applications by following Apple’s design and development guidelines. Our skilled developers build quality iOS apps by executing their profound knowledge base about next-generation iOS innovations that help you deliver value to the target audience and gain a competitive edge.

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