Pimcore Master Data Management: Manage Your Multi-Domain Data Easily

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By: Manish Shewaramani

Pimcore Master Data Management: Manage Your Multi-Domain Data Easily

Are you managing all your essential data related to customers, assets, products, employees, partners or vendors, references, locations, etc. in the different third party software?

If yes, then it’s a challenge for you to have a holistic view of all the different data and get the actionable insights out of it.

Well, you can add one more software in your network that collects data from different 3rd party software, processes them to generate the results, and enables you with meaningful information to make important business decisions.

But, what if you can manage all your data (regardless of any size and type), process it, and provide the right information to the right person at the right time using a single platform.

This post helps you explore the Pimcore Master Data Management (MDM) module that exactly performs the above-mentioned activities.

Let’s unlock the key elements of Pimcore MDM.

Overview of Pimcore Master Data Management (MDM) Platform

Pimcore MDM is the most powerful MDM platform that allows businesses to manage different types of data with a great level of detail. It contains the functionality of data versioning, data validation, data hierarchy, and data structure.

Moreover, the module allows to manage each data with its description, attributes, documentation, translation, and other components.

With a centralized data repository, Pimcore MDM presents all the business information in a single authoritative view. It reduces data redundancy, improves data readability, provides actionable insights, and increases operational efficiencies.

Master Data Management of Multiple Domains

With Pimcore MDM, businesses manage any type and any size of data starts from customer data, vendor/supplier data, product data, asset data, reference data, employee data, location data, and more at the single location.

It allows to create flexible data models with a great level of scalability and expandability. Combining Product Information Management and Master Data Management platforms of Pimcore, companies can create an enterprise-scale B2B and B2C e-commerce portals.

The MDM is available with multiple implementation styles to address the different needs of the diversified business domain. And, Pimcore supports both operational and analytical MDM requirements.

Scalable Architecture

MDM Architecture_PIM-MDM

Master Data Management Architecture

Master Data Management of Pimcore enables the businesses and developers with the next level flexibility to identify the best suitable architectural role as per your organizational ecosystem.

To simplify the adoption of MDM, you can leverage the cloud, on-premises and hybrid capabilities of Pimcore.

Pimcore is an open-source technology that comes with the free license fee. The digital platform allows you to use unlimited users, languages, and channels as well as varied aspects of different types of data.

Top 6 Features of Pimcore Master Data Management System

Master Data Management of Pimcore enables you with immense flexibility to manage data of any type and any domain at a centralized platform. The advanced features of MDM allow manage the data rapidly, smoothly, and cost-effectively.

#1. Data Quality/Semantic


These days, data is a crucial element for businesses to understand customer behavior and preferences as well as streamline business operations. With Pimcore MDM, you can meet the data quality standard ranging from unstructured to structured data, external to internal data and diversified datasets.

It allows you to define cleansing rules and match, verify, standardize the master data. It ensures that you always have accurate and up-to-date data for operations.

Manage your diversified datasets in a custom format according to your business rules, industry standards, machine learning, and metadata. Moreover, you can modify data values to meet data integrity restraints, domain limitations, and other business rules.

#2. Hierarchy Management

It is a very crucial and important part of Master Data Management. Pimcore automatically manages the relationships and hierarchies across the wide variety of data. With Pimcore MDM, you can manage multiple data domains, multiple hierarchies and create data stewardship with a streamlined process.

Leverage flexibility to create multiple models with complex hierarchies to classify all the data effectively. It also allows to manage multi-domain hierarchies at a centralized location as per your diverse and specific business requirements.

The advanced hierarchy models also enable businesses with extensive functionality such as searching, BI (Business Intelligence) reporting, and more.

#3. Rich Content Integration


Pimcore helps organizations to maintain brand consistency and compliance by allowing the use of rich media content and master data together in a hassle-free way.

Deliver engaging user experience in a simplified way across different channels by combining digital assets and rich media content. With Pimcore, content integration is easier to extend and simpler to configure.

#4. Audit Trail


Pimcore Master Data Management platform keeps a record of all changes made in the data such as who edited the data and when. IT captures and preserves all the versions of along with the changes made in each version, with other relevant information.

The digital platform enables organizations with better data governance and data stewardship by managing and maintaining the structured and unstructured data in one place.

With this auditable, historical and holistic view of data, data governance becomes easy in your own business infrastructure.

#5. Superior Connectivity


Use/reuse and access the master data from any system and applications with Pimcore. The platform easily connects with your existing business enterprise system and external 3rd party applications.

Experience the powerful connectivity amongst your master data, structured & unstructured data, external & internal data, on-premises data, cloud data, and more. Thus, you have access to updated master data all the time.

#6. Workflow Management

Harnessing the potential of the Workflow Management feature, you can classify, assign, escalate, and quarantine that along with maintaining quality standards of your master data. The workflow engine of Pimcore helps you to introduce your business processes to your internal and external stakeholders quickly and in detail.

If you want to incorporate any specific benchmarking to your master data, then Pimcore can do that for you. Thus, the tech technology platform helps you to define your editorial workflow and business processes.

Allowing to create custom frontend, Pimcore MDM fastens the collaboration between the data and improves persistent monitoring.

Advantages of Pimcore Master Data Management Platform

Reduced Cost

Being an open-source platform, MDM reduces the development costs and provides the flexibility of integrating with future systems. Thus, it is best suitable to meet your agile business needs with scalability, flexibility, and security.

The platform is multi-domain in nature that allows to expand new data domains as per your growing business requisites without incurring a huge cost.

Accelerated Digital Transformation

Pimcore MDM offers an open-source and end-to-end architecture that eliminates data silos across your organizations. It helps you to meet your objectives of digital transformation timely by accelerating the deployments. It helps boost the business outcome by combining customer experience management and data management.

Improved Time-to-Market

Manage and record your critical business data of any type and any size in no time in the centralized location using the Master Data Management platform of Pimcore. It contains GUI based data modeling engine, workflows, and business rules that you can configure without writing a single line of code.

MDM helps companies to achieve better operational efficiency by managing risks, meeting the governance criteria, and addressing the specific compliance requirements.

Robust Master Data Management Solutions Offered by Pimcore

Product Information Management

In the Pimcore MDM, you can manage your sales, marketing, and product data. Its centralized storage where you can manage information on buy-side and sell-side products easily, in a harmonized way.

The combination of Product Information Management and Master Data Management allows retailers to build next-generation B2B and B2C e-commerce platforms. Explore about Pimcore Revolutionizes Retail Experience for Retailers and Customers.

Customer Data Platform

Manage your B2B and B2C customer data in MDM and take the benefits of the advanced features of the Customer Data Platform of Pimcore. It allows you to store and manage the data, segmentation, personalization, and marketing automation.

Pimcore Data Hub

It is a revolutionary tool that prepares and transforms the data for input and output channel through a central Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Build Up A Custom MDM Platform with Credencys by Leveraging Pimcore Capabilities

Being a certified partner of Pimcore, Credencys has profound exposure to build custom Master Data Management for your business using the capabilities of Pimcore. We help you to manage the wide range of data in a single platform to enable you with a holistic view of each information you are looking for.

Credencys has a team of 30+ developers who excel in delivering the end to end Pimcore development services start from consultation, design, development, integration, testing, and support. We hold expertise in integrating third-party apps, enterprise systems, and business APIs with the MDM.

Download Master Data Management PPT

We have created the PPT version of the “Manage Your Multi-Domain Data Easily with Pimcore Master Data Management” blog. It allows readers to save information about Pimcore Master Data Management on their personal computers. You can download the Master Data Management PPT here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of Master Data Management?

Master Data Management is a tool that brings the entire organization on a single page by ensuring the master data is coordinated across the organization. Providing unified master data, the MDM tool provides a complete, consistent, accurate, insightful, and actionable master data to all the stakeholders.

What are the popular Master Data Management tools?

The list of popular Master Data Management tools includes Profisee, Pimcore, SAS, Hybris, Orchestra, Ataccama, Tibco, SAP, IBM, Stibo, VisionWare, and many more.

Why is master data so important?

In today’s competitive era, data is a crucial asset for organizations that ensures strategic business growth. With the detailed data analysis, companies can get insights about different business aspects such as customers, products/services, employees, vendors, partners, and more. The holistic view of each data domain helps companies to channelize their efforts to achieve better financial results.

What is MDM architecture?

Master Data Management is a method that enables an organization to link all of its critical data in one file. The file is a common point of contact of reference for each stakeholder of the company. Moreover, MDM provides computing in multiple platforms, architecture, and applications.

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