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By: Sagar Sharma

Travel App Development: 15 Features of Successful Travel App Nobody Told You About!

Have you decided to develop a travel app for your business?

After analyzing a few of popular travel applications, we have found out 15 most important features that you must integrate when developing travel app in 2019 and beyond.

Let’s get started.

According to, there is 1700% increase in mobile booking in travel between 2011 and 2015, increasing from 1% to 18% of online revenue.

In fact, global travel sales totaled is 564.87 billion U.S, which is projected to grow to 817.54 billion U.S. dollars in 2020. (Source)

travel app development features

Travel industries are moving towards the mobile app and around 95% of leading travel brands have created an Instagram profile to expand their business through social media and mobile apps.

Not surprisingly, mobile travel app is the hot topic, and looking at statistics alone to understand why…

Hopefully, you have selected both the Android and iOS platform to launch your travel application onto. Here are 15 important features your customers want and you cannot afford not to include those in your travel app development.

Geolocation Tracking Services

Tourist or travelers is always looking for the nearby hotels, local attraction, or café after dropping at a certain destination. Integrating GPS based location service in travel app development helps travelers to track location and find appropriate nearby locations for all kinds of services while on a trip without any hassle.

Navigation and Maps

Navigation and Maps is another important feature to integrate into travel app development. This feature allows users to explore and find the place with ease. Having the functionality of offline maps and navigation also works excellent for users, as they don’t have to download a third-party application.

Simple Navigation

Easy and simple navigation is another important feature of successful travel app development. Ensure to develop organized and easy-to-understand navigation to enhance the user experience. Having easy navigation helps users to browse effortlessly and thus, it increases the chances of mobile app success.

Rating & Reviews

We all agree that develop successful travel app takes research. Reviews and ratings are what users are checking out while finding a hotel for stay.

“Leisure travelers read an average of 6 to 7 reviews before making travel bookings while business travelers read an average of 5 reviews.” (Source: Tnooz)

Looking at the statistics, we come to know that review of past travelers matter a lot, as users read a review and see the ratings before making the decision of visiting the place. Travel app development must-have feature of post a review and ratings so that users share their experience.

Payment Integration

A secured payment gateway is a must for users to make payment for hotel and flight booking. When you are adding this feature in your travel mobile application, it helps your users to check the availability of tickets/hotel rooms, find the best deals, and make payment of the booking.

Social Media Sharing

According to, it is estimated that there will be an increase in social media users from 2.46 billion in 2017 to around 2.77 billion till 2019 globally. We all know the power of social media.

Travelers are sharing their traveling experience through social media sites and it is stated that around 70% of social media users update status/share photos while on holiday, so support for social media helps the business to get maximum exposure, as users become the brand ambassador of the travel agency.

Credencys has developed an Android-based mobile app that allows users to create a spot (location) and share the images & videos related to check-in place. Using this application, users can invite their Facebook friends and other app users to upload their photos or video clips related to the same spot.

In-app Cab Booking Facility

There are many traveling applications like Airbnb, MakeMyTrip, etc. allowing users to make hotel, flight, and train booking online by a few clicks. Adding in-app cab booking facility also deliver great user experience by allowing them to book a cab with a single app.

Deals and Offers

One of the powerful weapons of conversion arsenal is to offer discount codes and offers in your application. Offering a great deal allows your business to increase the conversion ratio and retain a good number of the customer base. It would be great to allow your users to create an account using social media like Facebook, so users can create profiles and save deals.

Weather Forecasting

There are many apps like AccuWeather available for users to check the climate before booking for their journey. In order to move your users to other apps, integrate real-time climate forecast feature in your travel application to provide alert related to upcoming weather to the traveler. Weather forecasting feature enables users to check wind speed, humidity, cloud formation patterns, etc. before planning a travel itinerary.

Language Translator

One of the most important features of the travel app is a language translator. Not everyone is integrating this feature, however, having a Language Translator enables travelers to be familiar with a regional language where they are going to visit.

Google Translate and iTranslate are two apps that let travelers scan texts for visual translation and then, translate written text and voice data in a real-time. If you want to make your travel app stand out from others, you must integrate this feature into your application.

Booking System

Integrate booking system in your travel application so users can perform multiple things like price comparison, set reminders, categorization & sorting, and getting notification related to new offers. It would be great to add smart filtering and search engine feature to maximize the revenues. As integrating this feature fits perfectly within a user’s busy lifestyle and deliver ease of use, it delivers a user experience memorable.

In-Built Currency Converter

In-Built Currency Converter feature is a prominent feature to add in a travel app development plan. This feature helps users especially when they are going for international trips. When travel agencies integrate user-oriented feature like currency converter in-app, it helps users to identify the accurate cost and thus, enhances the usability of travel mobile app significantly.

World Clock Time Converter

From the user’s point of view, integrating world clock time converter with travel application helps users to track the exact changes in clock times. This feature saves users valuable time by calculating the proper clock times for different time zones across the world and also, it prevents traveler to install yet another application.

Washroom/Restroom Finder

At the time emergency, travelers have been unable to search loo or washroom. So, it would be great to integrate Toilet Finder or Washroom Finder within your application to deliver excellent user experience beyond the expectation.

Offline Access

Deliver both online & offline access to make your travel application more convenient for users. Offline access is considered as one of the most aspects of any travel application, as it works even without an internet connection.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop Travel App in 2019 and beyond?

The travel app development cost depends on complexity, platforms, technologies, and a number of features and functionalities integrated. If you want exact travel app development cost, you can contact our mobile app development expert team. We, at Credencys, are providing a 30-minutes free consultation service to discuss your project requirements.

To know more about travel app development like key consideration, app monetization, and cost estimation, check out this blog.

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