Learn React JS: Top 10 YouTube Channels to Follow (Updated List)

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By: Sagar Sharma

Learn React JS and Web Development: Top 10 YouTube Channels to Follow (Updated List)

Want to become a front-end web developer but don’t know where to start? There are tons of resources available online in text and video format that can help you to learn the web technology of your choice.

Currently, one of the most learned and preferred programming frameworks is React JS. Many YouTube channels allow you to learn React JS and other web technologies for free.

This article features the list of some of the most visited and subscribed YouTube channels from where you can go and learn the web technologies of your choice.

Top 10 YouTube Channels to Learn React JS and Other Web Technologies

#1 Fun Fun Function

The creator of this channel is Mattis Petter Johansson. He has been a developer for over ten years and has been operating the YouTube channel since 2015.

He also has a strong presence in many developer communities. Before starting his YouTube channel, he worked for companies like Spotify, Blackberry, and Absolute Vodka.

In his channel, he usually calls established developers and subject matter experts to talk about various programming languages, frameworks, and libraries. Apart from this, he also shares his experience as a developer.

#2 Wes Bos

Wes Bos is a full-stack developer, mentor, speaker, and teacher from Canada. He also hosts a podcast named SyntaxFM. He offers numerous courses on his YouTube channel.

From his YouTube channel, you can learn React JS, ES6, JavaScript, and Node JS. On his channel, you’ll find tutorials on web development, JavaScript, Sublime Text tutorial, Vanilla JS, CSS Grid, and more.

If you want to learn specific languages, then Wes’s channel is your one-stop solution.

#3 FreeCodeCamp

This YouTube channel is the official channel of the blog freecodecamp.org. It is packed with full-length tutorials of various web and mobile technologies.

This channel has everything that helps you learn web app development from inside out. From JavaScript and React to Python, machine learning, PenTesting, Neural Networks, and more.

The tutorial is neatly organized such that it becomes easy for a developer to navigate through the channel and learn to code.

#4 Traversy Media

Brad Traversy is the creator of this YouTube channel. It is one of the most-watched YouTube channels by many web developers. More than 6 million people have appreciated his content and teachings.

The channel consists of both short and long videos. The long videos can go up to two hours. In his channel, you’ll find everything related to JavaScript.

You can learn React JS, Node JS, Angular, PHP, HTML, CSS, and Rails from his channel. Moreover, he offers crash courses on SQL, CSS, and other general tips on programming.

He also has his website with the same name: traversymedia.com that features the same videos and tutorials as his YouTube channel.

#5 Academind

The creator of this channel is Maximilian Schwarzmüller, who is a renowned Udemy teacher. He mostly offers content related to React JS, Angular JS, and Vue JS.

His YouTube channel is almost as informative as his courses on Udemy. He is also the owner of a website with the same name academind.com. His courses and tutorials are pretty in-depth.

#6 The Net Ninja

The Net Ninja is a channel introduced by a tutor named Shaun Pelling in 2015. He is also a Udemy coach and has many tutorials on it. He is passionate about JavaScript.

In his channel, you’ll find tutorials related to Node, React, Vue, Firebase, MongoDB, HTML/CSS, and more. The level of learning is from beginner to expert. The average length of all his videos is around ten minutes.

#7 Techsith

Hemil Patel is the creator of this channel. He is a teacher and blogger based out of California, USA. His channel features videos related to JS technologies like Angular, React, Node, and more.

Apart from programming he also teaches tips and tricks to crack JavaScript interviews. The channel features videos that can go as long as up to 30 minutes. He also owns another YouTube channel called Interview Nest.

#8 Pusher

Pusher himself is the owner of this channel. He is also the owner of the website with the same name pusher.com. It provides APIs and libraries to developers, which would help them to add interactive features to their application.

The channel features various speakers from different firms talking on several subjects related to web development. Most of these talks are 30 minutes long or sometimes even less than that. You can use his channel to learn React JS and other JavaScript technologies.

#9 The Coding Train

Daniel Shiffman is the owner of the YouTube channel The Coding Train. He is a JavaScript expert, known to do weekly live streaming sessions on various topics reacted to JavaScript.

His content features basic level programming to expert level programming. His channel also features lengthy tutorials and on some of the most advanced JavaScript Topics like using JS vanilla neural network library with TensorFlow JS layers API, and more.

#10 Hitesh Choudhary

Hitesh Choudhary is a teacher and developer based out of India. He helps developers from all across the world to learn various web and mobile app development technologies.

His focus areas are JavaScript, PHP, Python, Machine Learning, and more. He also has his courses on courses.learncodeonline.in, where he offers free as well as paid videos.

FAQs [H2]

1) Is React JS easy to learn?

Yes, compared to other JavaScript frameworks, React JS is quite easy to learn. However, if you want to master it then probably you’ll have to put some extra efforts.

2) Should I know JavaScript to learn React?

Yes. Since React is a JavaScript library, it is crucial for you to at least know the basics of JavaScript. Moreover, you must know ES6 to learn React JS efficiently.

3) How much time does it take to learn React JS?

It usually takes around 4 to 5 days to get acquainted with React JS. Again, it depends on your learning capabilities and your interest to learn React JS.

4) What are the prerequisites to learn React JS?

You must have a basic understanding of HTML/CSS and JavaScript. Apart from this, the knowledge of ES6 will give you an edge over other learners. You must also know how to use NPM.

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