Pimcore vs. Stibo Systems - How to Choose an Ideal Platform?

Do I Need a PIM?

By: Manish Shewaramani

Pimcore vs. Stibo Systems - How to Choose an Ideal Platform?

The different types of enterprises have a lot of data generated from the various processes and operations within the organization. It is essential for the enterprise to manage the data efficiently as this data is related to the operations, processes, systems, products, customers, etc. Pimcore vs. Stibo Systems helps organizations to manage the product data effectively to empower the varied business operations and customer experience.

Various applications help the enterprise manage different types of data. For any product-based company, it is important to provide true, accurate, and the latest data to their end users for the growth of the business. Pimcore and Stibo systems are the different applications used for managing the types of data.

Pimcore vs. Stibo Systems post unveils the essential aspects of both platforms. Let’s get started.

A Quick Overview of Pimcore

The product-based company requires the application for managing product information, digital assets, and customer-related details. Pimcore is an open-source data and experience management platform that enables brands with master data management and product information management.

Offering the whole range of Pimcore development services, Credencys builds award-winning systems that allow for curating, consolidating, organizing, and centrally storing all product data related to its development, sales, marketing, technical details, etc.

This Pimcore PIM system allows for integrating digital data from various sources and in various formats. Implementing the use of this data ensures that the data is accurate, consistent, and updated with real-time data. It enables the sharing of true data with end-users or customers via various touch points.

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Why Should You Consider Using Pimcore?

There are several reasons why the product-based industry should consider Pimcore implementation. The important key considerations for using the Pimcore platform include:

Control over the data and avoiding data silos

Data plays a very crucial role, and proper handling of the data acts as an important factor. The different types of important data include product data, company data, sales and marketing data, analytical data, etc.

All these details are important for the different teams. The centralization of the data will allow for the elimination of the source of error. It also enables improved communication within the different teams, which enhances performance efficiency. It also leads to avoiding data silos.

Provide faster digital solutions

Pimcore helps in providing a flexible and holistic approach for handling all digital data. It can efficiently handle complex data models. It allows for managing the different events as the product progresses during its development process. It makes the connections with the various platforms essential for the event, delivery, etc., with ease.

Data privacy

It is a very important aspect for customers. All the data related to customers should be protected as per the rules of the general data protection regulation (GDPR). Pimcore enables the storing of all customer information in compliance with the data privacy laws.

Expanding global reach

To reach potential customers across the globe, it is essential to provide the product details in their local language and currency. The Pimcore system allows for easy and automated translation of these details, making it ready to reach out to the larger crowd at a faster pace.

The other reasons for using the Pimcore include

Modifying content layout based on need, making use of artificial intelligence for planning future growth, helping in partial digitalization of the services, successful operations and efficient e-mail marketing, automation of the important processes across media, allowing for maintaining the website in multiple languages, enabling working efficiently even during the mass rush, etc.

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A Quick Overview of Stibo Systems

The Stibo Systems STEP helps maintain accurate, consistent, and updated product information across the different channels and systems used for sales, operations, customers, marketing, etc.

This is a multi-domain master data management system that allows the users to link the digital assets with their products to meet the customer’s expectations. This enables streamlining the collaboration between the marketing, creative, and business teams.

The Stibo system implements automation to centrally store all the product information. This system is used by various companies related to customer goods, distribution, manufacturing, finance, travel, automotive, hospitality, fashion, etc. This system helps in reducing errors efficiently and leads to increased sales, business expansion, and increasing revenues.

Why Should You Consider Using Stibo Systems?

There are several reasons for implementing this Stibo system enterprise platform (STEP) in the organization for efficient management of the master data. These key considerations for implementing the Stibo system include:

Intuitive user experience

This is one of the leading systems for providing a consistent and seamless experience to all users across all domains. It includes superior navigation and a state-of-the-art search engine that allows for enhancing productivity and creating business value. It will enable the users at various levels to access the data efficiently and build its quality.


It makes use of cloud-native SaaS offerings that are based on various technologies like Kubernetes and Cassandra. This system provides superior flexibility and scalability that empowers the IT team to focus on driving the business to achieve its goals.

Using this system, the organization does not need to worry about the less important factors like the infrastructure, upgrades, and scalability while considering scalability.

This system is an open platform and thus has platform enhancements like the new GraphQL API and asynchronous frameworks having extension APIs. Implementing the use of these enhancements allows for making more agile integrations and enables the customers and ecosystem partners to fuel the innovations that drive the revenues.

Pimcore vs. Stibo Systems – Things You Need to Know

The Pimcore and the Stibo systems are the two different solutions that are implemented by different organizations for managing product information. Both of the mentioned systems have their advantages and drawbacks.

Considering the type of data that the organization needs to handle, its quality, and size, the organization can select the most suitable data management system for their business. The organization can compare these two systems using different parameters like:

1. Pimcore vs. Stibo Systems: Features Comparison

As Pimcore and Stibo systems are both used for the management of different types of data, the basic features essential for data management are observed in both these systems.

Pimcore Features

The Pimcore system has unique features such as data modeling, data management, data quality, and semantics, workflow management, data integration and delivery, multi-domain and multi-vector, and so on. It also has an important B2B eCommerce framework, customer experience management, product catalog management, etc.

Stibo Systems Features

The different features available in the Stibo system STEP include product and digital asset linking; localization of data; streamlined digital asset review and approval; asset preview; categorization; brand control; version control; asset sharing; intuitive user experience; cloud-native, etc.

2. Pimcore vs. Stibo Systems: Benefits Comparison

The enterprise gains several benefits by implementing these systems in their organization. The benefits of the individual systems include:

Benefits of Pimcore

  • It ensured consistent product data at any channel.
  • Better control of master data.
  • Centralized digital asset library for all brand details
  • Attracts more prospects by using a smart, personalized digital experience.
  • Win more potential customers with improved behavior targeting and sentiment analysis.
  • To provide an improved shopping experience for customers,
  • It provides built-in features for providing end-to-end commerce,
  • This includes API-driven architecture for forward-thinking and automation of digital commerce,
  • The open-source PIM solution comes with a range of pricing options.
  • The established global community of developers and partners contributes to the development of the application by providing services, troubleshooting, etc.

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Benefits of Stibo Systems

  • It provides people-centric support 24X7.
  • It has a decade of expertise in delivering powerful solutions for master data management,
  • Enhances operational efficiency.
  • It enables the delivery of exceptional experiences.
  • Helps in accelerating digital transformation.
  • It empowers the supply chain.
  • Increases business agility.
  • Manage and mitigate risk.
  • Turns compliance into advantages,
  • This includes fast and easy implementation, leading to maximization of results and faster time and value.
  • Implements cloud-native SaaS for improved scalability, and reliable and affordable solutions for optimizing critical data.
  • It enables seamless integration across the processes and systems and enables connecting the data with the open APIs for various connectors, etc.

3. Pimcore vs. Stibo Systems: Price & Cost Comparison

The different systems have different features for data management, and the cost of the system varies with these features. The cost comparison of Pimcore vs. Stibo systems includes:

Pimcore Pricing & Cost

The Pimcore PIM system is available in several different editions.

Community edition

It is the basic edition that is free of cost and has some limited features useful for efficient data management. These community editions also include a wide range of features that are sufficient for providing optimum results and can be successfully implemented in any business environment.

This edition includes all 6 major components essential for data management. The features in this edition include experience manager, data manager, open-source GPLv3 license, community support, and self-hosting.

Enterprise Edition

The Enterprise edition costs 19,200 euros per year. There are some additional features available as compared to the community edition. This edition has access to certain enterprise-only features like enterprise print publishing, product experience portal, product data syndication, complete access to the service level agreement (SLA), long-term support (LTS), consultation, community license, community support, etc.

The Cloud edition

There is an additional edition of the Pimcore system in which the organization can ask for customized features, and the cost of this edition will depend on the features included in the system. This is an annual subscription and is provided by quotation.

The organization can select any type of Pimcore edition based on their requirements and the budget allotted.

Stibo system Pricing & Cost

The Stibo system SMB and its enterprising cost are available only on request. The organization can contact the company and ask for a quotation based on the features required for their organization.

Considering the various features selected, the requirements of the organization, budget, etc., the organization can make a wise selection of the platform.

Considering the various parameters like organizational requirements, system features, costing, etc., the organization can make a wise selection between the Pimcore and Stibo systems.

4. Pimcore vs. Stibo Systems: Why and When to Use It?

When comparing the Pimcore vs. Stibo systems, the following features can be considered for comparison:


Pimcore allows seamless integration with image editing software, processing workflows, etc.

The Stibo systems allow integration with several system integrators in certain geographical locations.

Multi-Language Support

Pimcore supports more than 12 foreign languages across the globe, including English, Chinese, German, French, Russian, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Polish, Turkish, and Swedish.

Stibo systems support only the English language.

Thus, when the enterprise wants to reach a larger crowd across the globe, it can implement the Pimcore system.

Available devices

The Stibo system supports devices like Windows, Mac, and Web-based.

The Pimcore system is supported on devices like Windows, Linux, Mac, and web-based.


The Pimcore system has a very wide community base, thus it can provide support in various forms like emails, phone support, and training. Thus, considering the database and the support system, the organization can opt for the Pimcore system as it is used by many organizations worldwide.

The Stibo system provides support in the form of phone or chats support.

5. Pimcore vs. Stibo Systems: Who Wins?

Considering Pimcore vs. Stibo systems, both these systems have their pros and cons. The organization needs to compare these systems based on the different features available in each system.

The Pimcore system is preferred by enterprises as it has a flexible and affordable cost. It also has a community edition that is free of charge. It also supports several languages, thus allowing the enterprise to reach a larger potential crowd across the globe.

It has a larger support group for solving issues if any. Considering all these factors, the Pimcore system is better in comparison to the Stibo systems.

Pimcore vs Stibo Systems: A Tabular Comparison

Key AspectsPimcoreStibo Systems

Platform Focus

Pimcore is a versatile Unified Digital Experience Platform that combines PIM, DAM, CMS, and e-commerce capabilities. It caters to various industries seeking an integrated solution for managing digital experiences.

Stibo Systems specializes in master data management (MDM) solutions. Its focus is primarily on helping businesses manage and optimize their master data across diverse domains.

Data Integration

Pimcore’s API-driven architecture allows seamless integration with various systems, ensuring data exchange and synchronization between different applications.

Stibo Systems specializes in integrations to ensure consistent and accurate master data across the organization’s systems.

Multichannel Experience

Pimcore enables businesses to deliver consistent and personalized experiences across multiple digital touchpoints, enhancing customer engagement and brand consistency.

Stibo Systems places emphasis on master data consistency across channels to provide accurate and coherent product information for customers.

Content Management

Pimcore offers a comprehensive CMS to manage various content types, enabling businesses to create, edit, and deliver content seamlessly.

Stibo Systems’ focus lies more on managing structured master data, although content management capabilities may not be as extensive as Pimcore’s.

Product Information Management

Pimcore excels in providing robust PIM capabilities, allowing businesses to efficiently manage product data, digital assets, and ensure consistency across all channels.

Stibo Systems specializes in MDM, including PIM, ensuring product data accuracy and standardized information.

Data Analytics

Pimcore integrates analytics tools to provide insights into user behavior, content performance, and e-commerce metrics for informed decision-making.

Stibo Systems’ analytics focus on data quality and governance, contributing to reliable and trustworthy master data.

Customization & Flexibility

Pimcore’s modular architecture enables businesses to tailor the platform to their specific needs, making it suitable for diverse industries.

Stibo Systems offers customization options within the MDM context, ensuring master data management aligns with the unique requirements of each business.


Pimcore integrates AI-driven personalization to create targeted user experiences. Machine learning helps analyze user behavior for more effective content delivery.

Stibo Systems emphasizes data governance and quality, ensuring that AI-driven insights are based on accurate and reliable master data.

Scalability & Performance

Pimcore’s scalable architecture accommodates growing data volumes and evolving needs, supporting business growth over time.

Stibo Systems ensures scalability in MDM operations, enabling businesses to handle increased data volumes and maintain data integrity.

Ecosystem & Integrations

Pimcore offers an extensive ecosystem of extensions and integrations to enhance functionality, allowing businesses to leverage third-party tools for various purposes.

Stibo Systems emphasizes integrations within the MDM realm, ensuring master data consistency across systems and processes.

Customer Support

Pimcore provides comprehensive support resources, including documentation and direct assistance, to help businesses implement and use the platform effectively.

Stibo Systems offers dedicated support for its MDM solutions, assisting businesses in managing master data challenges.

Legacy System Integration

Pimcore facilitates integration with legacy systems, allowing businesses to consolidate data and streamline processes across their digital infrastructure.

Stibo Systems specializes in integrating MDM solutions with legacy systems to ensure a cohesive master data management strategy.

Data Security

Pimcore emphasizes data security, providing user access controls, encryption, and compliance with data protection regulations to safeguard sensitive information.

Stibo Systems prioritizes data security in the context of MDM, ensuring that master data remains accurate, consistent, and protected.

Data Governance

Pimcore offers robust data governance capabilities, enabling businesses to establish rules and standards for data management, ensuring compliance and data quality.

Stibo Systems’ core focus is on data governance and quality, ensuring master data aligns with business rules and industry regulations.

Cloud & Hosting

Pimcore offers cloud-based hosting options, providing a flexible and scalable infrastructure that supports businesses’ digital operations.

Stibo Systems’ hosting solutions ensure MDM scalability and performance to handle growing data demands and maintain data accuracy.

Innovation & Future-Proofing

Pimcore’s extensible architecture encourages innovation, allowing businesses to adapt the platform to evolving trends and industry demands.

Stibo Systems emphasizes future-proofing in MDM, ensuring businesses can adapt to changing data needs and industry requirements.

Implementation Approach

Pimcore offers an adaptable implementation approach, allowing businesses to tailor the deployment process according to their specific needs.

Stibo Systems provides a structured MDM implementation approach to ensure accurate master data management from the outset.

Legacy Data Migration

Pimcore supports legacy data migration, enabling businesses to transition their data seamlessly onto the platform without disruptions.

Stibo Systems specializes in legacy data migration within the context of MDM, ensuring data accuracy and consistency during migration.


Several systems are available for managing the different types of data within and outside the organization. Pimcore and Stibo systems are the data management solutions used by different organizations based on their data size, organizational structure, and requirements.

Pimcore allows efficient sharing of data across the organization and also with the teams or parties outside the organization, safely and securely.

The Stibo system allows for managing the data within the enterprise with timely and accurate information for the people, system, and trading partners.

Pimcore vs. Competitors

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