Pimcore vs. Plytix - Which Is the Best Platform?

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By: Manish Shewaramani

Pimcore vs. Plytix - Which Is the Best Platform?

Product information management (PIM) offers useful and exact information about the products. The two most popular PIM platforms will definitely offer the best business solutions. But which of the two is the best platform to use?

The article is about comparing both software tools, details of their working and functionality to find the better one. Both the tools are useful in dealing with a competitive market and the upcoming challenges.

Let us find out about both the PIM tools and their functionalities in detail before comparing.

What is Pimcore?

Pimcore is a digital platform that is best on PIM techniques. It is a standalone and open-source system and can offer user-friendly features that help in booming the business. The functionalities of Pimcore can be divided into 6 separate systems but can work together offering the best results. Credencys offers the right amalgamation of all the six comments of Pimcore by offering a whole range of Pimcore development services.

The system mainly manages the product information and digital assets. It also keeps track of customer data and content management. Pimcore also supports master data management and e-commerce requirements.

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Why should you consider using Pimcore’s PIM?

Pimcore supports business structures of all different types. The open-source system offers a wide range of features that are useful in managing the business and offering better results. Pimcore can be defined as a framework having the capabilities to control all types of customizations.

  • Pimcore offers you the freedom to build any business structure and customize it as per the imagination and information available.
  • It remains highly flexible and can be useful for growing business operations.
  • It is highly compatible with any business requirement and can be freely available according to the community editions.
  • Pimcore can easily optimize every process involved and monitor every process internally.
  • Pimcore offers you the most useful options that can take charge of every workflow and the workflow engine.
  • The set of useful options provided by Pimcore allows you to handle either the most simplified designs or complex business structures or scenarios based on the business requirements.
  • Pimcore PIM is based on various functionalities that can vary from sales, marketing, and commerce, to digital platforms that offer experiences.
  • The digital platform Pimcore offers the best-personalized features. The personalized engine can be made available for customers who are looking for a personalized business experience. Such features are highly effective while managing the business and can provide a personalized business solution as per the customer’s needs and requirements.

Pimcore’s Product Information Management offers a model platform that is highly flexible and can offer stand-alone solutions to all types of business requirements. It also offers combinations of various business modules. Pimcore PIM is one of the popular business management systems that most businessmen use today.

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What is Plytix?

Plytix is based on the Product Information Management (PIM) system. It offers a user-friendly interface for all types of business operations. Plytix provides straightforward options for business management and customer support. It is the most suitable system for businesses that are small or medium in size.

Plytix is the most popular all-in-one product PIM platform. It offers complete transparency and greater flexibility. It deals with five different products, namely PIM, channels, brand portals, product sheets, and product analytics. Plytix can also be used as a stand-alone system. It can be utilized as one of the powerful PIM tools.

Why should you consider using Plytix?

Plytix can be considered a highly powerful tool that is designed based on product information management (PIM). Plytix is highly used in various business activities. It has simple-to-use options and an easy-to-manage interface.

Plytix is mainly designed to be used for smaller or medium-sized business requirements. It can combine all different types of information on a single platform but it can be used to manage various business needs as per the size of the business.

  • Plytix can manage all the types of information which can be used effectively while offering business solutions.
  • It is a PIM product that works on a limited budget but it not only provides powerful business solutions but also offers consistent customer support.
  • It is one of the most reliable product information management systems that can make business management easier.
  • It offers the most suitable solutions for all types of small and medium businesses. With the help of Plytix, the business can be turned into proficient dealings within a short time.
  • Plytix doesn’t cost so much money and people dealing with product information management services that are expensive will definitely use these easy, simple, and effective services.
  • Plytix has advanced features that can be useful in every business activity. The available features get updated when the PIM tool gets revised.
  • Plytix does not offer customized solutions but it has in-built features that can be useful while managing where processes are.
  • Plytix is easy to install and it has simple options that make it easy to use

Pimcore vs. Plytix – All You Need to Know

When you discuss Pimcore vs. Plytix, you need to find the overall working of both the PIM platforms in terms of their working and the available features. Both the platforms make use of data and information available and they help in reducing the risk factors, enhancing productivity, and making the business processes easier for collaboration. PIM has become one of the most essential structures that support the E-Commerce industry.

Let’s take a look at how to compare Pimcore and Plytix in detail.

1. Pimcore vs. Plytix: feature comparison

The following given are the most common features available among both the PIM tools Pimcore and Plytix.

  • Intuitive dashboard
  • Import and export of data
  • Data visualization
  • Asset life cycle management
  • Content Library
  • Data quality control
  • Workflow management

Both the PIM tools have different functionalities and a different set of features as given below.

Pimcore Features

The features available exclusively for Pimcore’s PIM are

  • Activity dashboard and activity tracking
  • Availability of database
  • Customized templates and categories
  • Data masking and migration
  • Data governance

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Plytix Features

The features available exclusively to the Plytix platform are

  • Asset categorization
  • Database publishing
  • Product Comparison
  • Functionality of cross-selling

The PIM tool Patmore has a set of additional features that are highly powerful when compared with the Plytix platform.

2. Pimcore vs. Plytix: benefits comparison

Benefits of Pimcore

  • Pimcore offers the most reliable customer care services. It offers reliable services that can remain consistent across all different marketing networks.
  • It can be directly connected to website applications and also to online shops.
  • The Pimcore platform can process different data models together. It can handle multi-users and can also offer customized workflows to be used effectively.
  • It has a user-friendly interface that allows you to access information from websites, digital signatures, and the data stored.
  • The Pimcore platform offers guaranteed services to users with highly reliable interactions.

There are several alternatives available for Pimcore on the market today but it is highly popular among users and remains on the top.

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Benefits of Plytix

  • Plytix is a useful PIM tool with limited usage. It can be useful in distributing the product.
  • It can relate the products to the relevant categories and assets.
  • Plytix is available either freely or at a low price and it can be easily available for small businesses.
  • The affordable cost of the PIM tool makes it highly popular among users.
  • It has a set of features that remained unchained while dealing with various business options. Plytix cannot be customized which shows its limitations.
  • It is highly preferred for small-sized or medium-sized businesses.
  • It offers the most suitable solution to small-sized business requirements and makes them successful within a short time.

When you compare both the platforms Pimcore with Plytix, it is clear that Pimcore is the best and the most advanced platform having more benefits to be used.

3. Pimcore vs. Plytix: price & Cost Comparison

Pimcore Pricing & Cost

Pimcore is available in 3 different editions namely community enterprise and unlimited. Pimcore is available at €19,200 per year using the Enterprise edition. It will be made available with most of the features and useful options. It also offers service level agreement (SLA) and long-term support (LTS) along with the option for consulting.

Pimcore is available freely using Community Edition. It offers selected features and can be suitable for any corporate office. It offers any 6 key components of Pimcore. The unlimited edition is similar to the Enterprise edition. It offers installation as well as technical support.

Plytix Pricing & Cost

On the other hand, Plytix is also available in 3 editions namely, free, standard, and Pro.

The free edition of Plytix is mainly useful for smaller companies. The free option is also available for unlimited users. The Standard edition supports unlimited SKUs, data storage, and customer support. It can cost €300 / month and € 3,600/ year.

The Plytix Pro edition allows you to manage various products and the information of products exclusively at a higher level. It offers these standard features along with additional options. It also offers automatic data sheets in CVS formats and ODF templates.

The cost of the final Plytix Pro pricing plan will be €1,100/month and the annual cost of the Plytix Pro plan will be €13,200/month.

4. Pimcore vs. Plytix: why & when to use it?

PIM business is in demand today. And both Pimcore and Plytix have offered various useful features. There are many benefits to using these two platforms.


The Pimcore platform offers advanced features that can be compatible with medium-sized or large-sized businesses. It is easy to implement and effective when used. Pimcore is complex and needs technical knowledge while using it.

But it has more options and offers useful utilities that make it highly popular among users. It can have a multitasking feature and it can be customized as per the requirement of the business.


On the other hand, the Plytix platform offers limited features when compared with Pimcore. It is useful for smaller or medium-sized businesses only. To implement Plytix, no advanced technical knowledge is required.

It has a set of features that remain limited and cannot be changed as per business requirements. Plytix cannot be customized as per the customer requirements of the business. Plytix is not expensive and can be easily affordable.

5. Pimcore vs. Plytix: who wins?

To find out which of the PIM tools is more powerful and wins here, you have to compare both Pimcore and Plytix to conclude.

The following discussed factors prove the fact that the PIM platform Pimcore is far better in functionality, highly powerful in managing information, and offering significant solutions.

  • Pimcore can be considered the most popular and highly useful product information management platform. It connects people, technology, data, and business. It improves the customer experience.
  • It supports web-based technology and it can be useful for small, medium, and large-sized business enterprises. It offers customer care services which include phone, email, online interaction, and video lessons.
  • Plytix is a product information management tool useful for small and medium-sized business enterprises. It supports web-based technology. It has limited features and it cannot offer customized solutions to the business. It offers excellent customer care services.
  • Pimcore is more powerful and extremely flexible to use. It offers the best services, which are advanced, reliable, and best-suited for business enterprises.
  • Every platform has a set of pros and cons. But when you compare two different PIM platforms with each other, then it offers you a clear picture of which platform has the upper hand and which one is the best among the two.
  • Pimcore has better features, advanced options, and excellent reviews from users. Pimcore has proved itself as the best PIM software available in the market at very affordable costs.

Pimcore vs Plytix: A Tabular Comparison

Key AspectsPimcorePlytix
Platform FocusPimcore is recognized as a Unified Digital Experience Platform that brings together PIM, DAM, CMS, and e-commerce functionalities. It offers a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking to manage their digital experiences from a centralized hub.Playtix primarily specializes in the e-commerce and PIM (Product Information Management) domain. It caters specifically to businesses focused on enhancing their online sales and product presentation.
Data IntegrationPimcore’s API-first architecture ensures seamless integration with various systems and third-party applications. This facilitates the exchange of data and information, contributing to an efficient and connected digital ecosystem.Playtix emphasizes integration as a core feature to streamline e-commerce operations. It aims to facilitate smooth data flow between different e-commerce processes, optimizing overall functionality.
Multichannel ExperiencePimcore enables businesses to create consistent and personalized experiences across multiple touchpoints, including web, mobile, and other digital platforms. This enhances customer engagement and ensures brand coherence.Playtix focuses on enhancing online sales experiences by optimizing product presentations for various channels. It emphasizes tailoring the e-commerce experience to effectively capture and convert potential customers.
Content ManagementPimcore offers a robust CMS that caters to managing a wide array of content types, enabling businesses to create, edit, and deliver content seamlessly across various channels.Playtix prioritizes effective product presentation through its content management capabilities. It helps businesses curate and showcase product information in an engaging manner to drive online sales.
Product Information ManagementPimcore excels in providing comprehensive PIM capabilities. It enables businesses to efficiently manage and organize product data, enrich it with media assets, and ensure accuracy and consistency across all channels.Playtix offers PIM functionalities tailored to e-commerce needs. It focuses on optimizing product information for online selling, streamlining product categorization, attributes, and specifications.
Data AnalyticsPimcore integrates analytics tools that allow businesses to gain insights into user behavior, content performance, and e-commerce metrics. These insights aid in making informed decisions for ongoing optimization.Playtix’s analytics primarily revolve around e-commerce transactions and customer behavior. It aims to provide data-driven insights to enhance online sales strategies and conversions.
Customization & FlexibilityPimcore boasts high customization and flexibility. Its modular architecture allows businesses to adapt the platform according to their specific requirements, making it suitable for diverse industries.Playtix offers customization within the e-commerce framework. While customization options may be more tailored to e-commerce needs, they still provide room for businesses to align the platform with their specific online sales strategies.
PersonalizationPimcore integrates AI-driven personalization to create tailored experiences for users. It leverages machine learning to analyze user behavior and preferences, enabling businesses to deliver targeted content.Playtix focuses on AI-driven product recommendations, enhancing the likelihood of cross-selling and upselling. It emphasizes utilizing AI to optimize product suggestions and increase order value.
Scalability & PerformancePimcore’s scalable architecture ensures that businesses can accommodate growing data volumes and evolving needs. This scalability supports expansion and adaptation over time.Playtix emphasizes scalability in the context of e-commerce demands. It aims to provide the necessary infrastructure to handle increased online traffic and orders, especially during peak periods.
Ecosystem & IntegrationsPimcore offers an extensive ecosystem of extensions and integrations to enhance functionalities. This allows businesses to leverage third-party tools and solutions for various aspects of their digital operations.Playtix’s integrations focus on enhancing e-commerce functionalities, such as payment gateways, shipping options, and other tools critical for online sales operations.
Customer SupportPimcore provides comprehensive customer support and resources to assist businesses in effectively implementing and utilizing the platform’s features. This support includes documentation, forums, and direct assistance.Playtix’s customer support is geared towards addressing e-commerce-related concerns. It aims to assist businesses in overcoming challenges specific to online sales and product presentation.
Innovation & Future-ProofingPimcore’s extensible architecture encourages innovation by allowing businesses to develop custom solutions and adapt to evolving industry trends. This future-proofing ensures the platform remains relevant.Playtix prioritizes innovation within the e-commerce realm, aiming to keep up with advancements in online sales strategies and technologies to stay competitive in the market.
Legacy System IntegrationPimcore facilitates integration with legacy systems, enabling businesses to consolidate data and streamline processes across their digital infrastructure. This integration extends to both new and existing technologies.Playtix’s integration efforts focus on aligning e-commerce operations with legacy systems, ensuring seamless data exchange and cooperation between different platforms and tools.
Data SecurityPimcore emphasizes comprehensive data security measures to safeguard sensitive information. This includes user access controls, encryption, and compliance with data protection regulations.Playtix places a strong emphasis on security within the e-commerce context. It ensures that customer data and payment information are secure, protecting both the business and its clients.
Data GovernancePimcore offers robust data governance capabilities, enabling businesses to establish rules and standards for data management, ensuring accuracy, consistency, and compliance across the organization.Playtix’s data governance focuses on e-commerce data, encompassing standards and policies that ensure data quality, accuracy, and adherence to regulations within the online sales realm.
Mobile ExperiencePimcore ensures responsive and engaging mobile experiences. It optimizes content and interfaces for mobile devices, catering to the increasing trend of users accessing content on their phones.Playtix prioritizes mobile optimization for online sales. It aims to deliver a seamless and intuitive mobile shopping experience, enhancing customer engagement and conversion rates.
Backend OperationsPimcore manages diverse backend operations, from content management to data organization. It streamlines processes to improve efficiency and collaboration within the organization.Playtix focuses on streamlining e-commerce backend processes. It aims to simplify tasks such as order processing, inventory management, and customer management to optimize overall operations.
Compliance & RegulationsPimcore adheres to various compliance requirements, including data protection regulations. It provides tools and features to help businesses maintain compliance in their digital operations.Playtix prioritizes compliance within the e-commerce sector, ensuring that online sales practices align with legal and industry regulations, particularly in areas like privacy and consumer rights.
Inventory & Order ManagementPimcore offers tools for inventory and order management, facilitating the tracking and fulfillment of orders. This contributes to a smooth customer experience and efficient operations.Playtix specializes in optimizing inventory and order management for e-commerce. It aims to provide tools that enable businesses to efficiently manage orders, track inventory levels, and fulfill customer demands.
Analytics & ReportingPimcore provides comprehensive analytics and reporting tools that offer insights into various aspects of digital operations. This includes user behavior, content performance, and more.Playtix’s reporting focuses on e-commerce insights, such as sales performance, customer behavior, and conversion rates. It aims to provide data-driven insights to guide online sales strategies.
UX/UI DesignPimcore offers customizable UX/UI design options for various touchpoints, allowing businesses to create engaging and visually appealing digital experiences for their users.Playtix emphasizes optimized online sales interfaces. It aims to deliver a user-friendly and visually appealing design specifically tailored to enhancing the e-commerce shopping journey.
Data Migration & OnboardingPimcore supports data migration and onboarding processes, ensuring businesses can seamlessly transition their data and content onto the platform without disruptions.Playtix eases data migration within the e-commerce context. It assists businesses in efficiently migrating product data, customer information, and other essential e-commerce data to the platform.
Cloud & HostingPimcore offers cloud-based hosting and deployment options, providing businesses with a flexible and scalable infrastructure that supports their digital operations.Playtix’s hosting solutions cater to the demands of e-commerce platforms. It ensures that the hosting environment can accommodate the traffic and transactions associated with online sales.

Bottom Line

PIM software has been a part of various business enterprises. There are several PIM-based platforms available in the market. To choose the most suitable PIM tool, a comparison is made between the two PIM platforms Pimcore and Plytix. It has been made clear that Pimcore is more powerful and highly suitable to be used.

Pimcore offers perfect design, excellent features, and significant functionalities that allow customized solutions to be offered to all types and sizes of businesses.



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