Pimcore vs. Salsify: Choose the Best Fit for Your Business

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By: Sagar Sharma

Pimcore vs. Salsify: Choose the Best Fit for Your Business

For the expansion of the business, the enterprise needs to implement various techniques to expand its reach to its potential customers and to enhance the quality of product details across different touchpoints. Several PIM platforms enable the enterprise to manage its product information. In Pimcore vs. Salsify, you are going to unveil the two leading PIM platforms that have been successfully deployed by varied organizations.

Different platforms have different features, and the organization can use the best-suited one based on its needs. Pimcore and Salsify are two such platforms that are useful for the management of product data. The different applications like PIM, DAM, and MDM are useful for managing the different types of data in the organization.

A Quick Overview of Pimcore

Pimcore is an open-source digital platform for data and experience management. It consists of six different systems that each has a standalone working capability as a single platform. Combining these 6 systems provides a large number of features, making Pimcore more efficient for data management.

The six different systems included in the Pimcore platform include Product Information Management (PIM), Digital Asset Management (DAM), Master Data Management (MDM), Customer Data Platform (CDP), and Digital Experience Platform (DXP/CMS), and Digital Commerce Platform. Pimcore enables the establishment of efficient workflows and strategies for personalization and provides full support for varied actions.

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Why Should You Consider Using Pimcore PIM?

The enterprise gains several benefits by implementing the Pimcore platform for product data management. Several reasons for considering the Pimcore system include:

  • Pimcore PIM software allows for the collection of the true product details from various sources; management, enrichment, storing, and dissemination of the information to the different sales channels, including online or traditional ones.
  • Centralized storage of data enables keeping all the teams within and outside the organization at par, thus leading to enhanced communication and increased performance.
  • It provides access to the different teams, like product managers, marketers, and sales personnel, to collaborate and create product-specific information. This ensures that all teams have access to the updated content.
  • Implementation of the PIM system allows for automation. This leads to saving time in performing repetitive tasks. It makes the product development process faster. Automation also leads to easy identification and correction of errors.
  • Pimcore’s PIM development allows for easy integration with several eCommerce software like Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and so on. This integration ensures the dissemination of standard and accurate details across the sales channels.
  • It allows for integration through the API that enables the data flow from one system to another. This helps in reducing repeated data entry, decreases errors, and ensures the accuracy of data.
  • Pimcore PIM enables integration with backend applications like ERP, eCommerce applications, inventory management modules, etc. This allows for keeping track of the stock levels and automatically synchronizing them with the ERP.

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A Quick Overview of Salsify

Salsify is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) based platform that enables the enterprise to control their products by using several applications like product information management, digital asset management, and many other applications. This application enables us to keep the product data under control and leads to an increase in agility. It helps in reducing bottlenecks as it allows easy access to several users.

Salsify enables the making of changes in the core source and the changes are reflected across the different distribution channels even if their product data requirements are different. It provides a comprehensive solution for controlling the digital shelves and handling all the product information.

Why Should You Consider Using Salsify?

The different reasons for implementing the Salsify system in the enterprise include:

Increase control and agility

Salsify allows for quick import of the data and supports multiple data domains. It makes the data search function handy, leading to the quick finding of the details within the platform.

Reduces bottleneck

There are several departments involved in the organization for efficient functioning. Every team needs different details through PIM for their work. Salsify governs and provides controlled access to the different teams to utilize and update the relevant details. This helps in reducing the bottleneck during efficient working.

Design workflows

Salsify allows for designing specific workflows accessible to different teams like sales, marketing, trade teams, etc.

DAM functionality

The Salsify DAM function helps in enhancing the quality of the digital assets. This leads to enhanced customer experience as they can have a better imagination and visualization of the product based on the details provided.

Enhanced digital assets

It allows for the automated transformation of the assets like resizing, reformatting, renaming, etc. It can include internal tags that help with easy searching.

Optimization of product content

While using the different channels, the data shared on each channel varies based on its requirements. Salsify allows for creating channel-specific product content and meeting the changing needs of individual channels.

Unification of workflows

It enables the unified platform for managing and syndicating all the product information from one location to another thus empowering the different teams to drive the product to market at a faster pace.

Pimcore vs. Salsify: Things You Need to Know

1. Pimcore vs. Salsify: Features Comparison

Common Features of Pimcore and Salsify

Pimcore and Salsify are both strong platforms for product data management and thus have several features in common that include:

  • Access control
  • Audit trails
  • Categorization
  • Content management features
  • Content Library
  • Content creation feature
  • Data modeling
  • Data quality control
  • Digital asset management
  • Document management
  • Inventory management
  • Multi-channel marketing enablement
  • Pricing management
  • Product lifecycle management, etc.

Pimcore Features

The features that are exclusive to the Pimcore implementation include:

  • Activity dashboard
  • Activity tracking
  • System of internal notification
  • Asset lifecycle management
  • Built-in database
  • Channel management
  • Configuration management
  • Customizable branding, forms, and templates
  • Customizable categories
  • Dashboard creation
  • Data connectors
  • Data migration, etc.

Salsify Features

The several features included specifically in Salsify include:

  • Product experience management
  • Supplier experience management
  • Product content activation
  • Global data synchronization network
  • Enhanced product content
  • Marketplace commerce
  • Social commerce and insights, etc.

2. Pimcore vs. Salsify: Benefits Comparison

Pimcore and Salsify both have their pros and cons. The different benefits gained by implementing each of these platforms include:

Benefits of Pimcore

Credencys offers a complete range of Pimcore development services to enable the brands with lucrative benefits of Pimcore’s PIM system. It includes

  • It includes a superior data management feature as it can handle different product details in different formats.
  • It helps in storing all the product information at a centralized location and thus gives access to the different teams to the single unified details.
  • It makes data sharing across the different channels easy and swift. It delivers the right information at the right time to the different end-users.
  • Pimcore PIM enables the easy integration of several applications used within the organization for the smooth functioning of all the processes and operations.
  • It allows for seamless delivery of product information as required by the different channels and business systems.

If you are interested in exploring more benefits of Pimcore, you should visit Why is Pimcore the Right Platform to Ensure the Success of Your Online Business? It helps you meet all your ultimate organizational goals.

Benefits of Salsify 

The different benefits gained by implementing the Salsify platform include:

  • It includes all the features of product information management (PIM), digital asset management (DAM), product content synchronization, product content enhancement, global data synchronization, etc.
  • It can be built by updating the product details.
  • It helps in calculating the properties that are crucial for the workflow and are easy to build.
  • It has improved features for importing and exporting data.
  • It enables increasing control and agility,
  • It helps in reducing the bottleneck in the process of product development and reaching the market.
  • It provides transparency while controlling the data.
  • Performs in-depth data analytics to provide future insights, etc.

3. Pimcore vs. Salsify: Cost & Price Comparison

Pimcore and Salsify both provide a free trial before making the actual purchase to understand the workings of these platforms. The cost comparison results include:

Pimcore Pricing & Cost 

Pimcore PIM has different editions available in the market based on the features and it governs its pricing.

Community edition

It is the basic free edition that has some limited features however it is more than sufficient for running a company. This open-source free edition comes with a wide range of features sufficient for providing optimum results for any business environment. It has 6 components in it, those components perform the data management process completely.

Enterprise edition

The cost of this edition starts at 19200 euros per year. There are some additional features available as compared to the community edition.

This edition has access to certain enterprise-only features like enterprise print publishing, product experience portal, product data syndication, complete access to the service level agreement (SLA), long-term support (LTS), consultation, community license, community support, etc.

The Cloud edition

There is an additional edition of the Pimcore system in which the organization can ask for customized features, and the cost of this edition will depend on the features included in the system. Meanwhile, if you need an annual subscription, you can raise a ticket to their customer support.

Salsify Pricing & Cost 

The pricing of Salsify is not transparent and available only upon request. Also, enterprises can point to their requirements and ask for a quotation from the vendors of Salsify.  According to the users, the Salsify platform has a minimum price tag of 35,000 USD per year.

4. Pimcore vs. Salsify: Why & When to Use?

Pimcore and Salsify are two different systems efficiently handling and managing product information. These platforms include the features of PIM and DAM that are very important for managing different types of data within the organization for the growth of its brand and business.

When it comes to Pimcore vs Salsify both have their pros and cons. The enterprise can consider the overall performance of these platforms along with their requirements. They can select the most suitable platform for the type of data they have. These comparative parameters include:


Pimcore delivers seamless integration with many 3rd party software like Shopify, Netsuite, Adobe Commerce, and so. On the other hand, Salsify accepts only the system integrators like Widen Collective, Bynder, Clear Spider, Exenta, etc.

Languages supported

Salsify supports only the English language, whereas Pimcore supports many foreign languages across the globe, like English, German, French, Dutch, Polish, etc. Thus, when the enterprise wants to reach a larger crowd across the globe, it can implement the Pimcore system for data management and efficient sharing across the different channels.

Pimcore allows for automated translation of the details into the desired language. It also provides the cost details in the local language for ease of transaction.

Desktop Platforms

Salsify supports only Web applications, whereas Pimcore supports Web applications, Windows, and Macintosh.

Used by

Salsify is used by start-ups, SMEs, and enterprises, whereas Pimcore is used by SMEs, agencies, and enterprises.


Salsify provides support in the form of email, help desk, FAQs, forums, knowledge base, phone support, and chat. Pimcore has a very wide community base, thus it can provide support in various forms like email, help desk, FAQs, forums, knowledge base, phone support, chat, 24×7 live support, and training.

Considering the above features, Pimcore has the upper hand and can be used with ease and support. It also allows you to reach out to global customers.

5. Pimcore vs. Salsify: Who Wins?

Pimcore and Salsify are both string data management systems with comparable features. Considering all the differentiating parameters, Pimcore PIM has the upper hand. Pimcore also has a free community edition, which is suitable for companies having a low budget or funds for managing their product information.

Also, Pimcore leads in having a global reach as it supports several language translations and currency conversions. This helps to connect to several potential customers across the globe.

The digital platform Pimcore has a larger user community group that helps by providing support and services in the form of business consultation, solution consultation, implementation and integration, enterprise support plans, training, etc.

This support helps in providing efficient troubleshooting and problem-solving capabilities. Considering all these factors, the Pimcore system is superior in comparison to Salsify.

Pimcore vs Salsify: A Tabular Comparison

Key AspectsPimcoreSalsify

Data Governance

Pimcore emphasizes granular data governance controls, allowing administrators to define access rights, approval workflows, and data ownership for improved data stewardship.

Salsify’s data governance features enable fine-grained control over data access and modification, facilitating compliance with industry regulations and internal data policies.

Localization & Translation

Pimcore provides robust localization features, enabling businesses to manage content and product data in multiple languages, making it suitable for global expansion.

Salsify supports seamless content translation and localization, aiding international businesses in maintaining consistent messaging across diverse markets.

Customer Data Integration

Pimcore offers integrations with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, facilitating the synchronization of customer data for enhanced personalization and marketing efforts.

Salsify enables integration with CRM platforms, enhancing the alignment of product data with customer insights to deliver more targeted and relevant experiences.

API Capabilities

Pimcore boasts a versatile API framework, allowing businesses to build custom integrations and connect external systems to ensure a cohesive data ecosystem.

Salsify offers comprehensive APIs for smooth integration with existing systems, enabling data flow between Salsify and various other tools for seamless data management.

Analytics & Reporting

Pimcore provides advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, enabling users to generate custom reports and derive insights from product and content performance data.

Salsify offers robust analytics features to monitor product performance, track user engagement, and gather actionable insights for data-driven decision-making.

Workflow Automation

Pimcore supports workflow automation, allowing businesses to streamline data processes, trigger notifications, and automate repetitive tasks for improved efficiency.

Salsify’s workflow automation capabilities help businesses orchestrate complex data processes, reducing manual effort and ensuring consistent data quality across the board.

Catalog Customization

Pimcore offers extensive customization options for product catalogs, enabling businesses to tailor catalog structures, layouts, and attributes according to their unique requirements.

Salsify provides catalog customization features that empower businesses to design user-friendly product layouts and catalog hierarchies, enhancing customer browsing experiences.

Digital Experience Management

Pimcore’s integrated Digital Experience Management (DXM) capabilities allow businesses to create and manage engaging digital experiences alongside product data.

Salsify focuses on optimizing digital experiences by enriching product data with digital assets, ensuring consistent and appealing brand experiences for online shoppers.

SEO Optimization

Pimcore’s SEO tools enable businesses to optimize product content for search engines, enhancing visibility and driving organic traffic to their online stores.

Salsify helps businesses optimize product data for SEO, improving product discoverability and search engine ranking to attract potential customers effectively.

AI-Powered Content Enrichment

Pimcore leverages AI-driven content enrichment, enabling businesses to automate data enrichment processes and enhance product information with AI-generated insights.

Salsify integrates AI-powered enrichment features to automate the identification and enhancement of product attributes, saving time and ensuring data accuracy.

Marketplace Integrations

Pimcore facilitates integration with various online marketplaces, allowing businesses to seamlessly manage product data and listings across multiple e-commerce platforms.

Salsify supports integrations with popular online marketplaces, enabling businesses to efficiently synchronize product data with different platforms to expand their market reach.

Mobile-Optimized Experiences

Pimcore enables the creation of mobile-responsive product content, ensuring consistent and engaging experiences for mobile shoppers.

Salsify empowers businesses to deliver mobile-optimized content, catering to the growing number of mobile shoppers and providing a seamless browsing experience.

Customer Support

Pimcore offers a dedicated support network, including community forums, documentation, and professional assistance, ensuring users have access to resources and expert help.

Salsify provides comprehensive customer support, including proactive assistance, training, and a knowledge base to empower users in maximizing the platform’s capabilities.


Pimcore and Salsify are comparable platforms in terms of various parameters like features, support, usability, etc. The organization can select either of these platforms for efficient product data management based on their needs and requirements.

Considering all the above-mentioned comparative parameters for Pimcore vs. Salsify, it is observed that Pimcore has a higher ranking as compared to Salsify due to its added features, editions, cost, user-friendliness, etc.


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