Pimcore vs. Stylelabs: An Exclusive Comparison to Pick the Right One

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By: Manish Shewaramani

Pimcore vs. Stylelabs: An Exclusive Comparison to Pick the Right One

Are you looking for a better Content Management System (CMS) platform for your business? Well, then you should seriously consider picking one between Pimcore and Stylelabs. Both platforms offer excellent support in terms of handling product content effectively.
However, when it comes to picking the best in the contest of Pimcore vs. Stylelabs, it wouldn’t be that easy for all.

To find the winner between these two platforms, you need to analyze the platform in its entirety and compare every feature and functionality provided by those two platforms.

This article briefs you about such comparisons in all aspects of those two platforms. Those who are serious about picking the best can go on reading the full article.

A Quick Overview of Pimcore

Pimcore, one of the popular open-source data management and experience management platforms, offers various features and functionalities that will boost business performance. The platform also delivers various systems that ensure smooth business operations by distributing well-optimized content to various channels consistently.

The Pimcore platform offers 6 different systems. Each of those systems has the capability to act as a standalone system and improve business operations. So, in simple terms, the digital platform Pimcore can be referred to as the complete solution for an organization.

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One of the extremely popular and highly used components of Pimcore is a Digital Experience Platform (DXP) also known as Pimcore’s content management system. It enables organizations with the next level of flexibility for adding, editing, and removing content at any time.

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Why is Pimcore Considered Important?

Unlike other platforms, Pimcore offers a wide range of benefits to each and every department of an organization. Also, it introduces a collaborative workspace between the sales team, marketing team, and product managers. This helps to deliver a far better product with accurate product information to the end users.

Apart from that, here are the few aspects that make Pimcore the preferred platform for all organizations.

  • The platform allows businesses to share accurate and well-optimized product content across various customer touch points.
  • The platform enables businesses to deliver custom-tailored content to individual customers based on their shopping behavior through the personalized engine of Pimcore.
  • The Pimcore platform acts as a framework that allows businesses to build custom solutions for their requirements.

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A Quick Overview of Stylelabs

For those who don’t know, Stylelabs is considered a paradise for marketers. It is an integrated platform of Marketing Resource Management (MRM), Product Information Management (PIM), and Digital Asset Management (DAM). With this platform, marketers can create, manage, and deliver highly optimized and attractive content suitable for buyers across all available sales channels.

In addition to that, the integration of Sitecore with Stylelabs enables businesses to combine their product digital assets with their content to create a better marketing strategy.

Why Is Stylelabs Considered Important?

Here are lists of a few key strategic aspects of using Stylelabs by an organization. This makes the inclusion of Stylelabs very important among businesses.

  • It offers unification of web content with the product’s digital assets.
  • The acquisition of Stylelabs by Sitecore helps businesses to create an efficient digital strategy and improve operational efficiency.
  • The platform provides a complete content lifecycle that includes intelligent, personalized data and so on.
  • The presence of DAM, MRM, and PIM systems in the Stylelabs platform helps businesses to outpace the competition.

Pimcore vs. Stylelabs – Things You Need to Know

Pimcore and Stylelabs are both platforms that help the enterprise with managing different types of content. The basic functioning of these two platforms will be similar, and each of them will have its own pros and cons based on various parameters.

The enterprises can compare these platforms based on the parameters and correlate them with their requirements to select the best possible platform for their desired purpose. The different parameters for comparison of these two platforms include:

1. Pimcore vs. Stylelabs: Features Comparison

Common Features

Certain features are common in these two platforms for the management of content, and these include:

  • Digital asset management
  • Workflow management
  • Data quality control
  • Centralized data storage
  • Document management, etc.

Pimcore Features

Here are the lists of a few main and unique features that are specifically offered by the digital platform Pimcore to the organizations, take a look.

  • Activity dashboard
  • Activity tracking
  • Internal notifications system
  • Asset lifecycle management
  • Built-in database
  • Channel management
  • Configuration management
  • Customizable branding, forms, and templates
  • Customizable categories
  • Dashboard creation
  • Data connectors
  • Data migration
  • Inventory management
  • Multi-channel marketing enablement,
  • Pricing management,
  • Product lifecycle management, etc.

Stylelabs Features

Here are the lists of a few unique features provided by the Stylelabs platform to organizations, take a look.

  • The Experience Editor
  • Versioning: creating new versions of content,
  • Personalization of content
  • A/B and multivariate testing.
  • Campaigns, goals, and events
  • Marketing automation
  • Email Experience Manager
  • Marketing taxonomies
  • Content profiling
  • Creating Forms
  • Cortex: marketing feature for digital strategy and marketing outcomes.
  • Commerce: creating a personalized shopping experience
  • Advanced Reporting Tools
  • Publishing service
  • Horizon: Advanced page editing capabilities

2. Pimcore vs. Stylelabs: Benefits Comparison

Both platforms Pimcore and Stylelabs offer significant benefits to an organization in terms of collecting, organizing, and manipulating the product content according to the desired requirements.

However, when it comes to finding the best one in a Pimcore vs. Stylelabs contest, the benefits of these two platforms need to be analyzed and compared.

Benefits offered by Pimcore

  • It enables superior data management and can handle the vast amount of product information available in different formats.
  • It enables storing the product information at a centralized location and is accessible to the different teams within and outside the organization.
  • It provides selective access to the authorized members, thus maintaining the security of the quality data.
  • It shared the updated and accurate details with all the teams within and outside the organization, thus keeping all the teams well-coordinated and thus enhancing their performance.
  • Pimcore allows for the easy bulk edition of the details that are reflected immediately across the different channels.
  • It enables us to translate the details into several languages at a faster pace, thus enabling us to reach out to global customers by providing details in their local language and currency.
  • It enables easy integration with several applications used within the organization for the smooth functioning of all the processes and operations.
  • It allows for seamless delivery of product information as required by the different channels for e-commerce.

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Benefits offered by Stylelabs

  • It allows for easy integration with the common software used for data handling, like customer relationship management, Salesforce, etc.,
  • It enables handling the design and content separately and efficiently.
  • It allows for easy and flexible configuration based on needs.
  • It enables importing of the customized functionality from other projects for data incorporation,
  • It enables rapid development with the use of external tools.
  • It enables developers to manage and deploy unlimited code across different sites.
  • It provides an extensive support system for development and troubleshooting, etc.

3. Pimcore vs. Stylelabs: Price & Cost Comparison

The cost of the platform depends on the features included in it. The cost also varies depending on the edition of the platform. Each platform has a different pricing system.

Pimcore Pricing & Cost

The Pimcore platform is available on the market in 3 different editions. This section will elaborate on all those 3 different editions along with their price rates.

Community edition

This is the basic and free version of Pimcore. It includes the basic features essential for data management. This edition includes a wide range of features sufficient for providing optimum data management and can be successfully incorporated into any business environment.

It includes all six key components essential for data management. The features in this edition include experience manager, data manager, open-source GPLv3 license, community support, and self-hosting.

Enterprise Edition

This is Pimcore’s configured edition, and it starts at 19200 Euros per year. This edition includes some additional features in comparison to the community edition.

It provides access to certain enterprise-only features like enterprise print publishing, product data syndication, product experience portal, complete access to the service level agreement (SLA), long-term support (LTS), consultation, community license, community support, etc.

Cloud edition

This is an additional Pimcore edition that enterprises can customize based on their needs. The enterprise can ask for customized features, and the cost of this edition will depend on the features included in the system.

Stylelabs Pricing & Cost

The Stylelabs platform does not allow any free trials or the freemium version for any organization. The pricing for this platform can be obtained only on request.

The enterprise can directly contact the company and ask for a quotation based on the features required for their organization. Considering the selected features, the requirements of the organization, the budget allotted, etc., the organization can make the best selection of the platform.

4. Pimcore vs. Stylelabs: Why & When to Use?

Pimcore and Stylelabs are used for the management of different types of content and their application.


The Pimcore platform is useful for the management of all types of product information. It enables the collection, organization, management, updating, storing, and sharing of real-time information regarding the product in different formats.

With Pimcore implementation, companies provide product information to the different teams like the product development team, IT team, sales and marketing team, partners and collaborators, etc.


This platform is useful for the management of content, especially from the marketing and distribution perspective. It enables the organization to make the content ready for reaching out to potential customers through campaigning, advertising, publishing, and other such methods.

Considering the expertise or specialization of these two platforms for content management, when the organization needs a platform for the management of the product details right from its development stage till its marketing, then the organization needs to implement the Pimcore platform.

The digital platform Pimcore will help in the overall management of data at all stages of the product’s life cycle. If the enterprise needs to manage only the content during its marketing and distribution stage by improving its quality and reach, then the organization can implement the Stylelabs platform.

5. Pimcore vs. Stylelabs: Who Wins?

Pimcore and Stylelabs are both good platforms for content management and differ in the type of data they handle. Both these platforms allow for product data management and enable improvement in the quality of data reaching the end-users. The type of data and the intent of data management play a crucial role.

If the organization is looking for data management for the overall product development process, then the Pimcore Product Information Management platform is the best option. If the enterprise wants to implement the platform at the later stage of product marketing and distribution, then Stylelabs is the preferred option.

In the overall comparison of Pimcore vs. Stylelabs platforms, Pimcore has an upper hand for global reach as it provides the details in the local language and currency for gaining customer attention.

Pimcore also has various editions, so cost options are available and also suitable for the enterprise budget. If the organization has a low budget, it can opt for the community edition that is free of cost. Stylelabs does not have a free trial, so you have to purchase it to use it.

Pimcore has a larger user community, so the support provided by this team is huge for solving an issue and providing support and training. Considering all this, Pimcore is the winner in the Pimcore vs. Stylelabs comparison.

Pimcore vs Stylelabs: A Tabular Comparison

Key AspectsPimcoreStylelabs
Platform FocusPimcore offers an all-in-one platform that combines PIM, DAM, CMS, and more, providing a comprehensive solution for digital experience and data management.Stylelabs primarily focuses on Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Marketing Resource Management (MRM), catering to marketing and creative teams’ needs.
Product Information Management (PIM)Pimcore provides robust PIM capabilities, allowing businesses to manage product data, attributes, relationships, and provide consistent and accurate product information across channels.While Stylelabs offers DAM capabilities, its focus is on digital asset management rather than comprehensive PIM functionalities for managing product data.
Content Management System (CMS)Pimcore offers a versatile CMS that enables businesses to create and manage websites, landing pages, and content-driven experiences in addition to managing product data.Stylelabs doesn’t have the same level of CMS functionalities as Pimcore, as its main focus is on DAM and MRM for marketing asset management.
Digital Asset Management (DAM)Pimcore includes DAM capabilities to manage rich media assets such as images, videos, and documents, seamlessly integrating them with product data and other digital experiences.Stylelabs specializes in DAM with a focus on marketing assets, allowing teams to organize, collaborate on, and distribute digital assets effectively.
Data Integration & APIsPimcore provides extensive data integration capabilities through APIs, enabling seamless connections with various systems, applications, and third-party tools.Stylelabs also offers APIs for integration, primarily focusing on connecting with marketing and content-related systems, complementing its DAM and MRM offerings.
Customization & FlexibilityPimcore is known for its flexibility and extensibility, allowing businesses to customize the platform according to their unique requirements and scale as needed.Stylelabs provides customization options, but its primary focus is on catering to marketing and creative teams’ needs within the DAM domains.
User Interface & ExperiencePimcore offers a user-friendly interface that combines PIM, DAM, and CMS functionalities within a single platform, providing a unified user experience.Stylelabs emphasizes a user-friendly interface for marketers and creatives, with a focus on DAM functionalities tailored to their specific needs.
Target AudiencePimcore caters to a wide range of industries and businesses, from SMEs to large enterprises, offering a comprehensive solution for various digital experience and data management needs.Stylelabs primarily targets marketing and creative teams, providing specialized solutions for DAM, which are crucial for these teams’ content-driven initiatives.
Ecosystem & CommunityPimcore boasts a strong global community and marketplace with a wide range of extensions, plugins, and integrations available to extend the platform’s capabilities.Stylelabs has a focus on serving marketing and creative teams and may have a more niche ecosystem compared to Pimcore’s broader offerings.
Data Governance & CompliancePimcore includes features for data governance, allowing businesses to enforce data quality, security, and compliance with regulations such as GDPR.Stylelabs, while providing DAM and MRM solutions, may not have the same level of focus on data governance and compliance as Pimcore.
Pricing ModelPimcore offers both open-source and enterprise editions, allowing businesses to choose the model that best fits their needs and budget.Stylelabs’ pricing model is tailored to marketing and creative teams, with pricing structures aligned with DAM offerings.
Global PresencePimcore has a global presence and is used by businesses around the world across various industries, serving diverse digital experience and data management needs.Stylelabs may have a narrower focus in terms of industry presence, with a primary focus on marketing and creative teams’ needs.


Both Pimcore and Stylelabs offer a wide range of benefits to organizations in optimizing the product content to a supreme level. However, when it comes to picking the most suitable one between Pimcore and Stylelabs, the above-discussed comparison is essential.

The winner of the contest between Pimcore and Stylelabs would be Pimcore in terms of offering a complete solution. However, finding a suitable platform can be done only based on the business requirements.

There is no doubt that both platforms are highly beneficial in terms of managing and optimizing product content. But Pimcore has the advantage of delivering a complete solution to an organization apart from just a content management system.


Pimcore vs. Competitors

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